July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Sleep and Confidence…

What do sleep and confidence have to do with each other?

Could lack of sleep or trouble sleeping really reduce your confidence?

Media makes it seem that you can push through exhaustion and be outgoing, positive, and powerful, no matter what, (as long as you buy the right deodorant, clothing, makeup, and cars).

But the truth is, being tired makes us more clumsy, less articulate, and lowers our ability to feel connected with others.

Never mind the subconscious feelings of being inadequate because sleep — a fundamental need and skill– is a struggle.

It can be horribly embarrassing to forget someone’s name or an important project deadline because of lack of sleep. It can be challenging to pay attention in meetings (ever dozed off when you shouldn’t?).

And it’s incredibly sad that the world misses out on the Best You, when you haven’t had enough sleep.

Please don’t hold yourself back. The world needs you!

sleep-confident-ideasIf you’ve read this far, you are someone with curiosity, courage, and a desire to make a difference. And if lack of sleep is dulling your responses, it could be effecting your career, your finances, your health, and your love life.

To live a life of connection, presence and alignment, rest is critical. How can you focus on doing a great job when all you want to do is rest your eyes? And how much harder is it to choose a trip to the gym over another night of tv watching when your body hurts from lack of sleep. How much more irritable and less loving are you when you’re just down right tired?

We want you to feel as calm and confident as you can. We focus on eliminating the blocks that keep you from bringing your best and brightest to the world.

And the more we dig into the issues around sleep, the more we realize what an impact this makes.

If you’d like a bit more ease…And more confidence that you can take care of yourself and your life… Let’s tap now! Please note: Tapping is powerful, and it won’t install things that are untrue. If you tap on something that doesn’t hold true for you, all you’ll get is clarity. (And you’re also free to change words.) So tap along!

Karate Chop: Even though I am often tired, I allow myself to find new paths forward.

Even though I haven’t been getting the sleep I need, I’m open to it being surprisingly easy and restful!

Even though not getting sleep is dulling my wits and dampening my confidence, I choose to make a difference right now (and I’m doing it by tapping right now!)

Top of the Head: I have had trouble sleeping.
Eyebrow: I’m ready to let sleep come easily!
Side of the Eye: I’m open to knowing I can do a good job….
Under the Eye: Getting the rest I need.
Under the Nose: I’m ready to feel the confidence that comes from doing well!
Chin: And from feeling rested and renewed!
Collarbone: It’s been hard to feel tired so much of the time.
Under the Arm: I’ve almost gotten used to it.

Top of the Head: And it’s time for me to change this pattern and let my mind and body rest.
Eyebrow: I can allow rest.
Side of the Eye: I can do a good job at this!
Under the Eye: I can change my patterns.
Under the Nose: I can allow myself to renew.
Chin: I can rest right now.
Collarbone: And allow my energy to recharge!
Under the Arm: It’s time to revitalize myself.

Top of the Head: And it’s time to gain confidence.
Eyebrow: Maybe things have been hard because I was tired!
Side of the Eye: What if tasks could be easier if I got rest?
Under the Eye: What if my day could be lighter?
Under the Nose: I’m ready to step out in confidence.
Chin: Able to care for myself.
Collarbone: Dealing with new things easily.
Under the Arm: And having a lot more fun!
Top of the Head: I allow rest and confidence to flow into my life!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you’re feeling.

If you could allow 10% more rest and 10% more confidence into your life, what would your life look like?

We can only go so deep into sleep issues in these newsletters. If you’d like to clear your sleep issues and transform your sleep patterns from the foundation up, please join us:

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To Sweet, Confident Dreams,
Cathy and Rick

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