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Collaboration and Co-Creation

Are you happiest when your heart is engaged with what you’re doing? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled when you love the people you work with and care about what you’re creating in the world?

For people like us, we want to bring our hearts into collaborative work. Sure, we also want to to be logical and productive and make good decisions… which are all wonderful things. But without a flow of love and connection, work feels dry as dust and heavy as lead.

We invite you to our call where we’ll discuss heart-centered work and how you can join with others to make more abundance.

What is your passion? What blocks you from feeling it more powerfully? Who do you want to share it with?

co-creation-1024x390Collaboration and Co-Creation: How to leverage your own skill set and support others to increase abundance
This call took place on Saturday, April 27, 2013 and is now available as part of the extensive Thriving Now Team Coaching Library

Most of us have been taught to leave our love and passion at home… to be professional and polished and competitve at the job. And then we wonder why it’s so damn boring and tiring and stress-filled!

What if you brought new energy to your work? What if you invited your passion back into your job?

Can you reconnect with what you started doing the work for to begin with? For us, we coach because we never want anyone to struggle alone with pain the way we did. We want to add joy and value to the life of each tribe member and let the love and healing ripple out and make the world a better place. That’s our passion. We want to help people all over the world to release the fears and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence.

You may say that it’s much easier with a coaching job than, say, YOUR job. But we can bring this to any job. For instance, Cathy is also an engineer. She is passionate about improving technology. She believes that her work on cell phone chips makes it easier, less expensive, and faster for people to connect and communicate. The smart phone most of us carry in our pockets can do more than a computer that took up a whole FLOOR of an office building in the 1980’s. We can text, call, email, Google, and video chat from our phones. So we can share our love and life with people lots easier.

What are your passions? And how do you want to share them?

Let’s do some EFT Tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been feeling disconnected and disjointed at work lately, what if I brought my heart to work?

Even though my work feels like a job, not a passion, what if my heart could engage and create that joy again?

Even though tasks feel heavy and boring, what if I reconnected to my heart and rediscovered my purpose and power?

Top of the Head: It has been feeling heavy.
Eyebrow: I don’t feel connected.
Side of the Eye: I feel bored and distracted…
Under the Eye: When I even hear the word “work”.
Under the Nose: When did I lose my passion?
Chin: How can I bring it back?
Collarbone: I can bring my heart to work,
Under the Arm: And let it guide me and reconnect me!

Top of the Head: I do care deeply.
Eyebrow: That’s who I am!
Side of the Eye: I can retune my passion,
Under the Eye: And start loving what I create again.
Under the Nose: I miss that passion.
Chin: The feeling of jumping out of bed.
Collarbone: The flow of creative energy,
Under the Arm: And productive purpose!

Top of the Head: I’ve been leaving my heart at home.
Eyebrow: I invite it to come to work with me.
Side of the Eye: I ask it to shine.
Under the Eye: To brighten up my day,
Under the Nose: And the days of everyone around me who can see.
Chin: I can ask how each task,
Collarbone: Could add love to the world.
Under the Arm: And I can celebrate my passion,
Top of the Head: And dance with my heart!

Take a deep breath.

What are you noticing after the tapping? Are there good feelings in your body? Great! Or are there some fears you could tap out that might be holding you back?

If you’re interested in creating more collaboration and co-creation, whether you work in a corporation, teach in a school, or run your own business… we invite you to join our Thriving Now Team.

Looking forward to engaging with you,

Cathy & Rick

P.S. These type of calls (and more!) are a part of the affordable team membership.


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