January 3, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Gliding Scale Private Sessions with Rick

Rick WilkesSome of the most Beautiful Beings on the planet simply cannot afford $220+ for a private coaching and tapping session. That’s reality.

If you are one of them, Big Hugs… and Welcome.

I’ve engaged with the hearts, minds, and emotions of those with millions in assets… and those who are struggling. One Truth is clear to me:

The readiness of a person for transformation and emotional freedom is NOT pre-determined by their current financial status. Period.

Courage and Willingness are personal qualities, not financial ones.

If you are ready (even if you’re anxious, too!), and your intuition says that a session with me is a good next step, let’s see if we can make it EASY to glide towards a YES-YES for both of us.

Next Steps for You To Take

Take a few moments to both reflect on the reality of your financial situation and check with your heart what number feels right to you right NOW, that feels both generous and balanced for us to engage.

If this is hard for you, start at the full price of $220 and then go backwards and “try on” :

$200? $180 ? $150? $135 ? $105? $95 ? $88 ? …? What feels like a YES to you?

I do have a necessary minimum for 50-minute sessions of $88 (about 60% off the standard price). A 20-minute tapping session goes down to $44. There’s also an amazing group program available for even less!

Once you have your number, you are ready to schedule and pay for a session.

Click to Schedule & Pay for a Gliding Scale Coaching Session

Your Beauty and Worth are not defined by

I’m so looking forward to engaging with you!

Gliding Scale Private Sessions with Rick 1

P.S. Please KNOW this… no matter what number you come up with, I will not find it “insulting.” I am very clear my “value” is not based on what someone can afford to pay. I’m blessed with heart-generous and appreciative clients… and always have been.

P.P.S. I call it “gliding scale” when the standard is “sliding scale” because GLIDING to me evokes a feeling of ease and flowing towards an experience consciously and with grace. 🙂


  • Nyssa Sylvatica says:

    Thank you for not following that mantra that tends to go around in the healing world that “if they really need/want it they will find the money” (what about those who have used all their money to heal and can’t work/much?). ..or that other scarcity based one about how it sends the wrong message about how much you’re worth! I am so grateful you are offering this and are keeping yourself accessible to people of all financial levels. After all, all humans should have a chance to thrive and be healthy! By embracing this more abundant and generous model I suspect you, in turn, will experience abundance and generosity as well (hope so)! Thanks for being one of the brave ones and doing this!

  • Lourdes M says:

    I love this ! God knows our heart ❤️. I’m lead by this knowledge. I’m bless that at times my scale will move to the highest $. And at times it may not . But I’ll know in my heart the worth of these sessions with Rick

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