March 8, 2020 by Thriving Now Support

The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Getting What You Want!

Let’s get you started clearing the #1 reason you’re not getting what you want!

If you are asking for specifics, why are you not getting what you want?

The #1 thing you need to check is alignment. If your not aligned with getting what you want, consciously and subconsciously… physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically… it’s hard to create what you want.

You may be unconsciously sabotaging everything you do to create your desire. At the very least, you’re likely driving around with the parking brake on, so everything takes more effort!

The good new is… the more aligned you are the easier this gets. AND, EFT/Tapping is a beautiful and powerful way to identify your blocks and get aligned.

When all of you is “on-board” with what you want, creating and manifesting can become remarkably easy. Even fun!

So how do you know if you’re aligned or not?

Simple: Your body is a great barometer. Let’s calibrate your barometer!

Aligned with Sunny Experiences1) Go somewhere quiet, and take a deep breath. Get as comfortable and relaxed as you can. Think of something that you have created easily — movie night out with friends, or growing a garden…it doesn’t have to be big, just something that you felt happy and easy as you took steps to make it happen.

Notice how you feel in your body. Do you feel warm? Energized? Alive? Eagar? Notice whatever it is. That’s your body saying it feels aligned.

2) Take another deep breath, and remember at time when you were really out of alignment. Maybe a loved one coerced you to do something you didn’t want to do, or you had to do a hated project for work.

Tune into your body. How does it feel? Do you feel tense? Resistant? Heavy? Tired? Whatever it is, notice that. This is your body saying, “Not Aligned!”

3) Take another deep breath and let that go. If your body still feels tight, remember the aligned event from step 1 to “clear your palate.”

Now focus on what you want to create. Be as specific as possible. And “listen” to your body.

How do you feel? Are you relaxed and eager or tense and heavy?

See if you can identify what makes you feel out of alignment. Is there a specific aspect of your dream that is heavier than others? Or an image?

What thoughts come up when you notice the tension?

There are a number of powerful techniques to tune in and identify subconscious blocks to success and then clear them. Rick and I will be sharing them in the new course we’ll be coming out with very soon!

Lets do some tapping:

Karate Chop: Even though I feel tense and out of alignment with my dream, I’m open to discovering a new perspective and a way to move forward.

Even though I’ve been getting in my own way… I ask for clarity and ease around discovering and releasing my blocks.

Even though I may have been sabotaging myself, and there are lots of reasons why, I ask the Universe to help me clear this now, so I can create what I’ve always dreamed of.

Top of the Head: I thought I was aligned with my goals…
Eyebrow: Maybe I haven’t been completely aligned.
Side of the Eye: It’s been harder than it should be.
Under the Eye: It’s been a struggle!
Under the Nose: I wasn’t sure what was wrong.
Chin: But now I know there are some fears and worries.
Collarbone: Luckily I have tapping…
Under the Arm: And I can identify and tap them away!

Top of the Head: I thank my body for guiding me to the problem.
Eyebrow: I thank my mind for helping me tune in.
Side of the Eye: I thank my heart for caring.
Under the Eye: And my being for having such beautiful dreams.
Under the Nose: I’m ready to clear these blocks.
Chin: I’m ready to be in abundance.
Collarbone: It’s time to let these blocks go,
Under the Arm: So rather than carrying them around…
Top of the Head: I can put my energy into living my life to the fullest!

Deep breath.

We encourage you to write down what comes up for you around this. The thoughts, fears, and sensations you are feeling right now are tapping “gold.” Removing blocks can make life so much fun, so much easier, and delightfully inventive.

Warm New Year Wishes,
Cathy and Rick

What a powerful duo Rick and Cathy are! During a prolonged and difficult time care giving a dying parent, I found immediate relief using tapping scripts on the Thriving Now website – a treasure trove of valuable EFT resources I turn to time and time again. I often describe EFT to others by referencing their “Listening To Last Week’s Weather Reports” article as one of the best example of how emotions and beliefs get stuck – brilliant! ~ Deborah, Vancouver Canada


This is the simplest method, offered with the most love, that has resulted in the most profound changes — and also the most whimsically fun ones, such as a free parking place when you arrive at a dreaded business meeting and a smooth meetings, against all odds.

I thank you so much and have talked about to to everyone who would listen! ~ Teddy Gorey, Los Angeles, Ca


Rick and Cathy are simply wonderfully energetically matched with each other and with me. They create materials through their writing and programs that always seem to be inspired and perfectly times to support me in my own growth process. They create a space of total safety and trust and both know intuitively how to guide me toward greater emotional freedom and inner clarity and peace. I have loved being connected with them and learning from them for years and look forward to many more. ~Rebecca J, Boise Idaho USA


I think that reading your emails and doing tapping you suggest keeps me focused and moving forward. It is amazing that the information and tapping scripts you sent out seem to be what I need. Plus are easy to follow and understand. also has given me the skill to note the negatives in my life and know that before thoughts can spiral out of control I can tap and change myself to a more positive outlook. Thanks, ~Suze Wallace, Gold Coast Queensland Australia


EFT tapping has been tremendously effective even in the few times I’ve tried it. I’ve struggled with major anxiety for as long as I remember, and have recently gone through a couple of traumas that have shaken me up significantly. Tapping has helped me face and eliminate my pain rather than masking and hiding from it. God bless and thank you so much, Rick and Cathy, for all that you do and the many lives you touch! ~Anonymous, Foreston, United States


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