February 11, 2017 by Thriving Now Support

Letting Movement Be FUN!

Is movement fun for you? Do you look forward to stretching, dancing, walking, running, and playing?

A lot of people dread movement. They’ve associated exercise with pain, frustration, disappointment, and failure. We want to help you put the fun back into movement!

Our bodies are designed to move and play. It can be enjoyable and fun. When we’re chronically exhausted, stressed, traumatized, or anxious, our body sends out hormones and chemicals to conserve energy. This can make it feel heavy to even think about moving.

This is a safety mechanism designed to help us survive famine. But in modern times, many of us face those stress issues while surrounded by more than ample and available food supplies.

On top of that, many people exercise or work out only when they’re trying to get in shape or lose weight. They become very focused on what they’re lacking… or how they aren’t good enough… and this gets subconsciously tied to movement. So we distract ourselves with TV news, books, blaring music, etc.

If you try to force yourself to exercise as hard as you can… while you’re angry and disappointed with yourself… while also distracting yourself from any possible pleasure you might get from the movement… no wonder it isn’t fun!

And it isn’t energetically good for you either. (Better to be a happy couch potato than a distracted, self-hating exercise fanatic.)

But I Must!!!

As soon as we MUST, or HAVE TO, or SHOULD do something… we tend to feel sluggish and resistant. So we dissociate and try to ignore our bodies while we force them to do what the latest fitness guru suggests as the next miracle shape up.

What if you re-framed movement into something mindful and delicious?

Instead of deciding what your body MUST do so you can look the way you want, what if you INVITED your body to play with you? What if you ASKED it what would feel good… and for how long?

If you’re new to listening to your body, this audio can help (it’s an excerpt from our Free Yourself Program):


By tuning into your body and allowing yourself to be mindful, present in your body, and aware of good feeling flows of energy… you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how fun movement is. You may even end up craving movement the way you crave chocolate!

We’ll do some tapping in a minute, but first we want to invite you to email us and let us know what you think of this approach. Does it interest you? Would you like to see more about this? What specific issues come up for you around exercise and movement?

Let’s Tap!

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve learned to resent having to exercise, and I resist it, what if I could enjoy mindful movement?

Even though I thought movement had to be a fight with my body, what if this could be a delightful partnership that leaves me healthier and more relaxed?

Even though I’m used to using willpower and determination, I’m open to trying something new!

Top of the Head: I hate exercise.
Eyebrow: My muscles feel tight.
Side of the Eye: They always hurt.
Under the Eye: I can’t wait for it to be over.
Under the Nose: I thought I was just lazy.
Chin: But what if my body was just giving me guidance?
Collarbone: What if it was saying NO?
Under the Arm: Could I listen to it?

Top of the Head: What if I moved WITH my body?
What if I allowed it to be fun?
Side of the Eye:
I’d love to focus on how good it feels.
Under the Eye: And really notice how strong my body is.
Under the Nose: I’m used to focusing on what I lack,
Chin: but I’m willing to try something new.
Collarbone: I’m tired of forcing my body.
Under the Arm: I’m ready for a better solution.

Top of the Head: I invite my body to move with me.
Eyebrow: I allow myself to be present and mindful.
Side of the Eye: I can take this slowly…
Under the Eye: Really tune in.
Under the Nose: It actually feels good to notice the muscles.
Chin: My body does nice things for me.
Collarbone: I’m open to appreciating it more.
Under the Arm: And finding fun movement to enjoy together.
Top of the Head: We can do this together…me and my body.

Take a deep breath.

What do you notice? Is there resistance? Old rules coming up? Fear that if you don’t force yourself you won’t move at all? Each of these is a tappable issue.

Starting small can help. Try moving one small area of your body. It might be your index finger, your neck, or your big toe. Notice how it feels to be connected while you move.

Movement can help clear old traumas, but it can also bring up hidden issues that are stored in the cells. If you need support for the clearing process, find a tapping buddy or check out our group coaching program:



  • Brilliant idea and well put!  It oughta transform the way a lot of people think about active pursuits and exercise.  Even though I regularly exercise because I like what it does for my body and mind, there definitely is a component of I need to do this, I need to get in shape, I need to get rid of this belly/trim this waist, why can’t I be good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, have enough energy?  Never thought about changing the energetic way I approach physical activity so that I’m not chained to the perspective of lack or not being good enough but rather asking my body to enjoy movement (like Zumba for example is just downright fun and sassy but you’re still getting a workout) for the heck of it.  There are times I truly have to drag myself to get the exercise videos (P90X – ugh!) out or to get to the gym and it’s just not pleasant.  Thanks for this new perspective and the tapping exercise – I’m looking forward to approaching exercise and movement a new way!  I really enjoy and benefit from your newsletters – thank you,Debbi Ashby

    • People who are “warriors” at heart like activities and movements that are about overcoming challenges, PUSHING it, achieving. For people who are Lovers at heart, such competitive (and self-competitive) activities do not sing to us. We want celebration, connection, community… and for our activities to reflect that. Is that the way it is for you?

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