May 24, 2013 by Thriving Now Support

I Have To Be Perfect To Start!

How much does perfectionism run your life? Lots of us wouldn’t even call it perfectionism… we call it “just being adequate enough to start.” We think if we’re thin enough, prepared enough, polished enough, we won’t get hurt, and we won’t get rejected.

The truth is, we ALL get hurt sometimes. It seems like it is a human condition. And when we use perfectionism as a reason/excuse for not starting, we avoid living.

We invite you to tap along with this short video (and yes, the sound isn’t perfect, sigh! Turn up your volume and let us role model getting out there anyway, even if everything isn’t perfect!) on perfectionism.

We hope these offerings will help you feel more confident creating love on purpose, and creating your heart’s desires and experiences today!

Lots of love,

Cathy and Rick

P.S. The Inner Tapping video Cathy mentions is here:


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