August 17, 2016 by Cathy Vartuli

How much does your brain get in your way?

What do you think your limiting beliefs and fears take away from your life?

I was surprised to be reminded how big an impact they can have, in a not very fun way, last week…

I’ve cleared away a lot, and have gotten used to feeling pretty resilient through most things. (That doesn’t mean I don’t need to vent or tap, just that I can stay pretty grounded and balanced.)

And I’ve been having a LOT of change. I moved across country, started a new job that I love — but where is the bathroom, and what is your name again?! I haven’t found a place to live long term yet, and all my stuff is in storage. Someone very dear to me decided he needed time to evaluate our connection. And Rick and I have been adjusting to having a much bigger time zone shift between us.

My tanks were pretty low. And my survival brain was struggling to find something to feel safe about.

I noticed that small things took a lot of effort. And how easily overwhelmed I was. It reminded me of how I felt before I cleared so much, and helped my survival brain relax and chill out.

The problem was, back then, I didn’t feel overwhelmed and anxious once in a while, dealing with an unusual situation… Back then, it was ALL the time. I used to feel like I had to gather all my resources to make any change or try anything new. And things that didn’t go my way felt like a blow.

I was exhausted and strained, and I didn’t know what was wrong.

Looking back now, I have a new compassion for myself, and for everyone who struggles with a brain full of fears and limiting beliefs. I really had forgotten how incredibly painful and frustrating it can be to live in that ALL the time. Sometimes dipping a toe back in the mess of the past can remind us how far we’ve come and how very valuable clearing old hurts can be.

I suspect there is always more we can do. I look forward to being in a place where even a week like last week won’t rattle me. And I’m grateful for the insights and the clearing I did.

Where ever you are on your journey, I’m delighted that you’re here. I value our community and our focus on healing, clearing, and creating more freedom for ourselves and others.

Thinking BrainHaving a resilient survival brain can transform how the world feels. It can be the difference between ease and struggle, learning and growth and stagnation, and delight and suffering.

I want you to have so much joy and space for love. For creativity. For making a difference.

I invite you to tap along and open yourself up to clearing and inner strength. (Free Tapping Manual)

Karate Chop: Even though it sometimes feels like I haven’t made a difference in my life, if I look back a couple years, I have grown and learned.

Even though I get frustrated with where I’m at… I have evolved and I want even more freedom.

Even though there are days that get me down, I have a path to clearing them and finding peace and sanctuary.

Top of head: There are days, and sometimes weeks, that are hard.
Eyebrow: I still get reactive at times.
Side of eye: I wish I didn’t.
Under eye: I get so frustrated.
Under nose: I wish I felt calm and grounded.
Chin: And yet I am doing things to make this better.
Collarbone: I’m here, tapping!
Under arm: I can be proud of that.

Top of head: I found tapping.
Eyebrow: I must be pretty clever!
Side of eye: I was willing to try something new.
Under eye: And I’ve been showing up and facing fears.
Under nose: I’ve learned how to sooth my body and mind…
Chin: At least a bit!
Collarbone: I’m supporting myself.
Under arm: I’m taking care of myself.

Top of head: I can keep learning and clearing.
Eyebrow: I can gently clearing out old hurts.
Side of eye: And find ways to change my mind.
Under eye: Literally!
Under nose: As my survival brain gets more resilient…
Chin: Things won’t throw me for a loop.
Collarbone: I’ll have more space and energy…
Under arm: To create what I want and need.

Take a deep breath. And if you can, notice that you showed up here. You made it this far! You did a good job!

Where ever you are in your life, and whatever hurts you’re facing, Rick and I hope our words and the heart caring we sent, help.

Please be compassionate with yourself, and tap! It makes such a difference, and you deserve to feel resilient and energized!

Warm wishes,
Cathy and Rick

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