February 11, 2017 by Thriving Now

Hope In a Box

When we feel stuck, we sometimes take the only action that feels possible… purchasing new products that promise to help us reach our goal, whatever it is.

Internet Marketers often hawk the Latest and Greatest, Guaranteed to teach YOU how to make $10k in just 3 weeks. If you need money fast, you buy. (But do you DO anything with it…?)
Hope In a Box 1
People who want to get in shape often follow the same pattern. They collect all kinds of exercise equipment and DVDs that promise to get them in the shape of their lives and into their high school jeans in 30 days. And many of the items have never even been opened. Whether they can actually help restore health and vitality… we’ll never know… unless we shift the energy…

Many marketers estimate that 95% of the people who buy their products NEVER use them. Even if they spent thousands for the product. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you change this pattern in just a minute!)

Why is that? For many people, it’s because what they are actually buying is Hope In A Box. As long as the product is unopened and unused, it represents hope. And that feels good!

If we have fears or blocks that are causing us to self-sabotage ourselves and keeping us from our goals, we have a huge resistance to actually trying the product. Subconsciously, we “know” we’re not going to move forward anyway. The minute we open the box or try the product, all of the hope escapes, and we’re just left with evidence of disappointment and failure. Why would we EVER want to open those boxes???

It doesn’t matter if its a physical box, a computer program, audio files, or a gym membership… if you don’t feel safe actually moving toward your goals, “opening the box” isn’t going to make you feel good.  The good news is that you can use unopened boxes as a doorway to releasing your fears and blocks and feel safer creating what you want in your life!

If you did open the boxes, what would you have to face? You have a goal. You want to make more money (or spend less), you want to be slender and fit… whatever your focus is on, the underlying goal is probably to feel safe, loved, and valuable.

We can have internal conflicts that prevent us from reaching our dreams. Having more money may feel good on a conscious level, but there may be a deep rooted fear in your subconscious getting in the way, constantly whispering “If you have money, you’ll be one of them.” You may want to lose weight because you believe that will help finally attract  the love of your life, but there may be an inner message playing that says it isn’t safe to be desirable.

If you need help doing some detective work, our group coaching program is a wonderful place to get support and guidance to unwrap your potential!


Let’s see right now if some EFT Tapping can also help.

Karate Chop: Even though I have all these boxes that promise to help me, I’m afraid to open them and know I failed again.

Even though I keep reaching for solutions, and buying new products, what if I tapped on my fear of failure and looked for what’s keeping me stuck instead.

Even though I can’t open the boxes or use the products, because I’ll lose the hope and be left alone with my misery, I’m open to seeing this in a new way and feeling surprisingly empowered to move forward.

Top of the Head: I can’t open the boxes.
Eyebrow: I’d lose all the hope.
Side of the Eye: That feels horrible.
Under the Eye: You wouldn’t open the boxes either!
Under the Nose: But I feel guilty every time I see them.
Chin: I think I should be doing something.
Collarbone: I don’t want to feel disappointed again.
Under the Arm: So I just leave them in the box.

Top of the Head: What if I really tuned into that hope.
Eyebrow: It feels good!
Side of the Eye: My body is capable of feeling hope.
Under the Eye: Maybe I’ve been looking for an external solution…
Under the Nose: To an internal problem?
Chin: Why am I convinced I will fail again?
Collarbone: I did before…
Under the Arm: But at least I’m tapping now!

Top of the Head: I don’t have to face this alone.
Eyebrow: There are some pretty heavy blocks and fears in my way…
Side of the Eye: But I’m feeling a bit clearer now.
Under the Eye: Maybe I can use the hope in those boxes…
Under the Nose: To help me tune to good feelings.
Chin: And I can tap away my fears…
Collarbone: So I can allow abundance and health.
Under the Arm: I thank my body for all it’s done…
Top of the Head: And THANK YOU BOXES for giving me hope when I really needed it.

Take a deep breath.

What if you saw the boxes as glimmers of hope instead of triggers for guilt and shame? Would that be safe?

Hope In a Box 2We know that the coaching solutions we sell are not immune from people treating them like Hope In A Box. We do our best to minimize this by intentionally using softer marketing language, addressing the fears that can come up within the products, as well as being open to hearing from our customers.

If you’ve bought something (from us or anyone else) that is your own personal Hope In A Box, and you’d like some ideas on how to engage with it enthusiastically, do the tapping above and email us at support@thrivingnow.com. What is your theory about what it would take for you to feel safe and eager to get started?

As you clear your blocks, you may be surprised at how easy it is to open the boxes that are right for you. And once you get the conflict out of the way, you may find it delightfully easy to use them to reach your dreams. We invite you to join us in our Group Coaching Program where we help you clear out your inner conflicts and transform them into a powerful and fun flow of abundance:


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