April 14, 2016 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Clearing Clutter… Are There Emotions in Your “Stuff”?

I didn’t really think I had a clutter problem.

Of course, there was THAT pile… that felt strangely overwhelming.

Yeah, and the closet… that made my whole home feel less comfortable every time I went into it.

If we define “clutter” as anything that feels out of place, that drains our energy, or that is painful to hold onto yet even more painful to let go of… then yes, I had clutter. Do you?

I’m going to recommend that you stop looking at clutter as just “stuff.” Instead, observe its effect on you emotionally. What does it do to your vibration?

Then, dig deeper. Look at individual items. What do you feel you’d lose if you let go? What is keeping you holding on?

Use EFT on those emotional blocks to clearing the clutter from your life, your work, your computer, and your relationships.

Clearing-Clutter-with-EFT-Cover-420x595Five years ago Carol Look and I launched Clearing Clutter with EFT. I love knowing that thousands of people live today with more ease and less noise because they invested energy in changing their relationship… with stuff.

This unique approach to clearing clutter goes step-by-step through a deeper understanding of why you’ve held onto the clutter, and we help you clear the blocks to clarity so you can know… in your head, heart, and gut… what to do with what you have.

And we TAP together in a way that permanently shifts the energy and releases emotions like guilt, shame, fear, scarcity, and doubt.


The other side of clutter feels so… freeing. My closets stay organized now. People who tap on the emotions around their clutter find — as I have — that clearing happens naturally and at the right pace rather than having to force it. Piles are fewer and far between, and when they appear, they longer cause the distress they used to… they get cleaned up when the time is right.

My inbox also stays remarkably under control; after the EFT tapping on clutter years ago I found it easier to follow the sorting techniques I knew would work but for “some unknown reason” never before applied so consistently.

Better yet, it’s lasted. And it’s continued to improve. Over the years I’ve passed along dozens of books, CDs and DVDs, clothes, artwork, furniture, training materials, and more. It is such beautiful RELIEF.

It also still fascinates me was how emotional overwhelm over one item can stop a person from doing anything at all with the whole pile. And also how a little bit of “rebelliousness” creates a huge block to doing anything.

I encourage everyone to try this approach if you want to clear clutter for yourself or your clients.


If you’d like additional support in clearing clutter and raising the vibration of your home, office, and relationships, consider our group coaching program. Our coaching calls are perfect for that… and we are having TWO CALLS in April 2016 to individually support members in clearing the emotions from their clutter… and clearing the clutter from their emotions.


BONUS: Whether you become a team member right now or not, I’m including these two calls and recordings as bonus when you purchase Clearing Clutter with EFT.

Clutter is one of those emotional drains that depletes a person. Please know that if you do choose to engage with this program, I’m here to support you in clearing this issue and freshening the energy of your home, business, and heart. The program includes a place where you can ask questions and get support personally from me.

Warm smiles and clear spring energy flows,


P.S. If you have a serious clutter problem, this program is a perfect place to start. Get emotional relief FIRST, before you struggle through the piles using sheer willpower.


  • Thanks for the tip. We love practical suggestions for decluttering… Our program helps people clear the EMOTIONAL blocks to taking such steps. Someone who may want to send leftovers home with other people can feel blocked if their need to hoard is because they feel everything is SCARCE. Tapping can help relieve those feelings of scarcity.

  • What about the other side of clutter – I never let clutter build up and get rid of anything I have not used recently – and cannot let anything be out of place and cannot stand keeping things around or letting spouse keep that unused stuff around.

    • When you tap on the emotions you feel about OTHER people having clutter, you can find a Better Place, a softer safer feeling balance. I’ve seen that in myself.

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