April 16, 2014 by Cathy Vartuli

The First Memory I Have About Money…

Think about your first experience or memory about Money…

If you get a memory about asking for something and not getting it, that counts, too. Many children form beliefs around abundance before they’re conscious of money. And if you have a GOOD memory, wonderful!! For this exercise, choose the first time you felt stressed about money to tap on.

Money ArgumentMy first memory of money is of being 5 years old, hiding behind the couch with my sister, both of us crying… My Mom and Dad screaming at each other about money.

I can’t even remember what the specific topic was. It was some kind of conflict over who spent what, and where to put what was left. I do know my sister and I were both terrified, and I got the impression that money caused ALL kinds of trouble.

I know money was tight back then. But strangely, I didn’t get the belief that LACK of money caused conflict. I decided that money itself was the problem. (Kids are often super smart, but they don’t have the experience to notice subtle differences sometimes, especially when they’re scared).

My parents were struggling with money.

The thing is, I was learning about money from my parents, and they learned about it from theirs, and they learned from their parents… on through the ages. Whether I got it quite right or not, I was picking up the ancestral shackles my family had around money. The conscious and unconscious beliefs, fears, and worries about money and abundance that our primitive brain and our being operate around.

For years, even when I started making really good money, I couldn’t keep it in my pockets or my bank accounts. I was very puzzled by that. I had a strong conscious commitment to save money. And yet… I would spend it like crazy. Even though I was earning 4 times as much as I did as a grad student, I would still often be broke before the next paycheck.

People’s first impressions can carry a lot of weight and can strongly influence how they view money and abundance for the rest of their lives. Unless they identify the belief and upgrade it.

Because my primitive brain was convinced that money caused trouble, it wanted to get me away from it as fast as possible. A really good solution to the ‘threat’ of money (and one that was pretty fun) was shopping! It was AMAZING the things I NEEDED to have.

When I started tapping, and tuning into my body, I realized that I would be physically tense and on guard when there was “extra” cash in my accounts. Anything more than enough to pay the bills was frightening to me. And the easiest solution was to get rid of it, and quickly!

I’m so grateful for tapping! As I cleared my fears and upgraded beliefs, I found myself easily and naturally allowing more money to accumulate in my accounts. And strangely, even though I wasn’t aware of doing anything different, I started getting bigger raises and bonuses at work. Now, when I look at my bank balances, I feel a sense of ease and pride (and lots of gratitude for the changes I’ve gone through).

When you think of your first memory around money, what do you notice? Was it happy, sad, safe or scary? What did you decide about money and abundance in that moment? Write that down.

In my first memory about money I felt (emotion and/or physical sensation): _____________________________

What did I decide about money and abundance? ____________________________________________________

Notice how strong that belief is right now, as you tune in (0 being not at all strong, 10 being Absolutely true!): _____

And let’s do some tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I have this first memory of money, and it makes me feel _____, I choose to take a nice deep breath and look around. I’m not actually a little kid anymore, and maybe I can make new decisions about money.

Even though it was scary back then, and I felt overwhelmed and frightened, this is an old belief. And I don’t need this ancestral shackle around money any more. I choose to find something new and better.

Even though I have these old memories and beliefs, I send my younger self love and compassion for doing her/his best. And I invite that part of me to find a new, better upgrade around money.

Top of the Head: I have been struggling about money.
Eyebrow: It’s been a challenging subject for me.
Side of the Eye: I remember that first experience…
Under the Eye: The first time I became aware of money.
Under the Nose: I made a lot of decisions then.
Chin: They were the best I could do then.
Collarbone: I was smart!
Under the Arm: And maybe there is another way to look at it now…

Top of the Head: What if money isn’t what I thought back then?
Eyebrow: What if there’s a new way of looking at it?
Side of the Eye: What if I can release the conscious beliefs…
Under the Eye: And even the subconscious limiting beliefs…
Under the Nose: I have around money?
Chin: That would feel great!
Collarbone: And I would have a lot more ease…
Under the Arm: And abundance.

Top of the Head: Even though I’ve been carrying around these ancestral shackles…
Eyebrow: I’m ready to be free.
Side of the Eye: And I want a new way of relating to money.
Under the Eye: These shackles and experiences have held me back.
Under the Nose: I’m ready to release them with love.
Chin: I appreciate that my younger selves…
Collarbone: And my parents and ancestors…
Under the Arm: Were doing the best they knew how… (as miserable as that may have been)…
Top of the Head: And I’m excited to learn upgrades and create new experiences!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what’s coming up. Tune into that first memory. Notice how strong that belief is right now, as you tune in (0 being not at all strong, 10 being Absolutely true!): _____

Has anything changed about the feeling? Are there any new thoughts or beliefs coming up?

Jot those down — those are wonderful tapping focuses!

Congratulations for looking at this and tapping on these old beliefs. You did great! Each time you do even a bit of work on these issues, the shackles get lighter… until they drop off completely! So keep up the great work, and watch for our next email around money and abundance!

Warm Abundant Wishes,
Cathy and Rick

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