January 18, 2020 by Thriving Now Support

Financially Empowered…What does that mean to you?

bigstock-Cute-little-girl-plays-with-mo-26440712Pick an area of your life that you’d like to have empowerment around money. The more specific the better. (We know there may be LOTS of areas you want to work on, but picking one and focusing lets you dig deeper and gain confidence. If you focus on a lot of areas at once, you won’t see the same progress and your system won’t learn as fast.)

The area I’m focusing on is ___________. (Again, pick a single area. Being debt free is a BIG area. Paying off one credit card, changing one specific fear such as asking for a raise, or opening a single bill are specific.)

If I were financially empowered around ___________ (the item you listed above), life would look like ___________ for me. (How would you act? What would you do? What would others do?)

If I were financially empowered around this item, I would feel ___________.

Say aloud: “Right now I feel financially empowered around (this item).” Rate from 0 to 10, where 0 is not empowered at all. ____

If you can, find something that symbolizes this area of your financial life. It could be a bill, a statement, a check, your business card, the badge you wear to work. Put it in front of you while we tap using EFT so you can get more freedom ease!

Right now, when I look at this object, I feel ___________.

Karate Chop: Even though when I look at this ___________ (whatever object you picked), I feel ___________ (whatever you feel right now), I am willing to be willing to look at this differently.

Even though I have fears and feelings around this subject, I deserve to be empowered, and I know there are other ways to approach this.

Even though this has been a struggle and so so hard, that’s the old way of doing things, and I’m ready for ease and flow.

Top of the Head: This is hard!
Eyebrow: I feel so stuck!
Side of the Eye: Whenever I look at this item…
Under the Eye: I feel all the angst and pain and fear.
Under the Nose: I feel powerless and scared.
Chin: But I’m not alone right now.
Collarbone: I’m tapping with thousands of other people.
Under the Arm: And we’re all creating an easier, more loving way.

Top of the Head: I don’t believe it can be different.
Eyebrow: But I’m willing to find a way to believe.
Side of the Eye: My fear has been bigger than my heart.
Under the Eye: And I’m tapping on that fear right now.
Under the Nose: I can let that fear flow away…
Chin: And allow in new ease.
Collarbone: Maybe I don’t need to know how to let this go.
Under the Arm: I can allow the Universe to create this for me.

Top of the Head: I know what I want.
Eyebrow: I have a picture of financially empowerment in this area.
Side of the Eye: It would look so lovely.
Under the Eye: I would feel so calm and delighted (or whatever you said it would feel like).
Under the Nose: I invite the Universe to make this so.
Chin: I don’t need to create every step of this.
Collarbone: I can allow this to unfold for me.
Under the Arm: I can tap on any residual fears.
Top of the Head: And I can allow the collective energy of our asking lead the way.

Take a deep breath.

How do you feel now? What do you notice. ___________

What do you feel in your body. ___________

Any particular fears or thoughts? ___________

Say again: “Right now I feel financially empowered around (this item).” Rate from 0 to 10, where 0 is not empowered at all. ____  Did it shift for you?

You can repeat the tapping, changing the words as you like, as many times as you like. And if you’d like to dig deeper and get more benefit from tapping with a group in this area, join us.

Warm smiles,

Cathy & Rick
Emotional Freedom Coaches

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