January 13, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

FEAR? …or Guidance?

Is it FEAR or is it GUIDANCE…?

That IS an awesome question.

People can fear people, places, and bugs that really are nothing to be scared about. Such inner noise depletes a person and leaves them contracted and afraid.

We can be guided by those same neurons in our body and brain to be cautious near the edge of the cliff, or when there’s heavy traffic crossing the street. Such inner guidance is good and useful.

Tapping can help quiet noise. It can help re-wire the programming in our primitive brain so we don’t freeze when we really want to move forward.

And there’s more to thriving than just “not being afraid.”

Thriving is where you can really feel into life, make free and happy decisions from an abundance of choice, and stay resilient as you engage with resistant people and difficult challenges.

Here are some questions we invite you to explore:

(1) Under what specific conditions do I experience FEAR (even terror) where I also know it’s not needed – or helpful?


(2) When I feel such FEAR, how do I end up making decisions? Am I… Avoiding? Fighting? Freezing?


(3) Specifically how would my life experience be different if when FEAR arose (and it will because I’m a mammal) …I had a way to get calm and clear, and then feel into my HEART for a decision that is nourishing and helpful for me NOW?


Congratulations! These three questions are already changing your energy system!

How? First, your inquiry brought awareness to a reaction you have that isn’t helpful. Awareness is the spark for change.

Next, you tuned into how your primitive brain is currently programmed – for flight (hiding), for fighting, or for freezing. That awareness helps create a gap between a fearful stimulus and the “habitual” primitive brain reaction.

Old Navigational compassThen, by tuning into how specifically your life would improve by being more calm and confident, you give your personal development energy a direction.

Finally, you acknowledge that your HEART is a core part of the process… your heart has useful guidance here.

Warm smiles,

Rick & Cathy


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