January 13, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Having Our Own Experiences

Have you ever had your experience colored by someone else?

Your Mom, your best friend, your boss… They have strong opinions or reactions to something… and you somehow absorb them?

It can be a place, a food, a person.

In a sense, when that happens, something precious and beautiful can be lost… Your unique experience.

I had this happen recently. I just moved to California and as I was driving here, I noticed that I had all these ideas and energies around living here that weren’t mine. My fabulous Aunt lives in the area, and through her stories and energy, it became “California!”

And whether it’s true or not, I felt that my mother may have envied my aunts freedom and adventures.

I associated all of that with California. And I didn’t know how to live here. I can’t live in my aunt’s or my mother’s experiences or in the memories of what they lived.

california-welcomeIt felt awkward and a bit uncomfortable, because I didn’t know how to fit. Then (during long hours of beautiful desert scenery and few distractions) I realized that I get to go to my own California. Not my aunt’s (though I’m delighted that she’ll probably introduce me to things she loves), not my mother’s (even though it will be fun for her to visit).

I get to have my own experiences and my own life.

If you’d like to tap on having your own experiences, and your own California (whatever that is for you), let’s tap along together!

Tune into what you want to make your own. Whether it’s a meal, a person, a place, or dream. Notice the energy you have around it and any discomfort in your body. (Our bodies don’t lie, and they feel awful when we try to be less than authentic and real).

Take a deep breath, and invite your true experience to be with you. Allow the energy, beliefs, fears, and memories to drift away… back to the people who gave them to you.

And tap:

Karate Chop: Even though they had all kinds of beliefs and energies about this, I’m curious about what MY experience could be.

Even though this is all mixed up in my head, and it’s hard to be myself, I invite these old energies to drift back to the people who own them, and allow myself to be the real me now.

Even though their memories and experiences are coloring my life, I choose to allow myself to walk through life with my own eyes, and my own heart.

Top of the Head: I’ve been seeing things through their glasses.
Eyebrow: And there isn’t anything wrong…
Side of the Eye: Except that my eyes are different.
Under the Eye: And I’m tired of seeing everything blurred through their memories.
Under the Nose: It kind of gives me a headache!
What if I could lovingly give their glasses back to them?
Collarbone: And let my own experiences come through?
Under the Arm: What if I get to have my own vision of what is?

Top of the Head: Each of us meets life in the moment…
Eyebrow: And we all have unique feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.
Side of the Eye: I can allow my own to flow.
Under the Eye:
I get to like what I like.
Under the Nose: Opt out of what doesn’t work for me.
And find my own flavors and delights.
Collarbone: It doesn’t have to be the ones they had.
Under the Arm: And it’s all ok.

Top of the Head: I’m curious what I’d find.
Eyebrow: I’m curious what I’d feel.
Side of the Eye: How would I experience this now?
Under the Eye:
I love the freedom.
Under the Nose: I love the authenticity.
Their glasses aren’t wrong.
Collarbone: They just aren’t mine.
Under the Arm: I get to discover my own sight.
Top of the Head: I get to claim my life.

Take a deep breath.

It’s not that anyone did anything wrong. We learn from others and that’s good. It’s when we get stuck in their stories and their experiences and don’t have our own that we’re limited.

In so many ways, living a fulfilling life is about peeling the layers back that block us from being in the moment and in our own power and sensations.

We want you to have clarity and clear vision. We hope this tapping helped you move closer to you. With love.

Cathy and Rick

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