May 29, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Enduring What’s Real with a Touch of Grace

Facing what is Painfully REAL has the potential to release a lot of energy and bring joy and delight to the smallest moments.

It's when we try to ignore or deny reality that life gets dull and heavy and strained. 

Building the muscles to face what is actually happening, and not slipping into avoidance, can let us be present with the joy that life threads through most experiences. 

We hope you'll listen and tap with us:

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Enduring What’s Real with a Touch of Grace 1

We care and hope you find real grace and ease.

Cathy and Rick

Enduring What’s Real with a Touch of Grace 2

P.S. We had a previous call on Getting the Most Out of Virtual Connections that is available here. Feel free to listen and share with anyone who might be emotionally supported by either of these sessions!

P.P.S We welcome your replies/comments with questions, requests, feedback, and any bad puns you like!

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  • Ahhh, we hope you feel our realness with the sudden password added by Zoom without telling us leading us to reschedule for Thursday. Of course, minutes ago they reversed course and allowed for the removal of the password. Ahhh, REALness! And with grace it feels like keeping the password is a sweeter boundary in these days when hackers are trying to access and interrupt places where they do not belong.

    Love to you and hope we can see you on Thursday. The replay will be here afterwards.

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