March 5, 2021 by Thriving Now Support

EFT Tapping Tip: I Keep Judging Myself!

What do you do if your self-judgments get in the way of tapping? It isn’t fun to do something when you are constantly feeling criticized!

JudgeNo one is grading you. If you are grading you, now is a great time to learn to be gentle with yourself. You can’t get it wrong!

Your technique will become more to your liking over time and with practice. So sit back and enjoy the process, both the learning and the feelings.

And if that seems as impossible as flying to the moon, tap with whatever angry, judgmental thoughts come into your head.

– Tap about your discouragement that nothing has worked.

– Tap with your feelings that you will never get it right.

– Tap with your belief that, “This won’t work, because nothing ever works for me…  even though it works for everybody else!”

Tap with whatever words show up. Tap with whatever noises show up. Or, Tap in silent fuming. Tap in silent distress.

You may feel your faults and shame and guilt and failures make you unredeemable… make it impossible for you to heal or get this right. But you cannot say the wrong things when you tap.

Try this:

Karate Chop: Even though I feel worthless sometimes, I am in the process of deeply and completely accepting myself anyway.

Even though anyone who accepts me just doesn’t know me, I am at least open to the remote possibility of feeling acceptable.

Even though I feel so WRONG, I choose to know… somewhere inside me… some place still clean and untouched by pain… that I am okay.

Top of the Head: I have felt so wrong.
Eyebrow: I have failed at times.
Side of the Eye: I have been guilty.
Under the Eye: I have done wrong.
Under the Nose: I have been wronged.
Chin: I have felt wrong.
Collarbone: I have known shame.
Under the Arm: And I am sorry.

Top of the Head: It is time for me to heal.
Eyebrow: I accept my feelings.
Side of the Eye: I choose to heal.
Under the Eye: I’m okay.
Under the Nose: I’m feeling better.
Chin: I am taking positive steps.
Collarbone: I am relaxing.
Under the Arm: I am finding myself.
Top of the Head: And I’m choosing to continue the process of deeply and completely accepting myself… no matter what.

And take a big, deep breath….

Notice what particular thoughts or memories come up around this tapping. Those are great places to do some further work!

Water RipplesReleasing that inner judgment will not only help your tapping, it will give you back the freedom to be more creative and spontaneous… because that inner judge can keep us stuck! If we’re afraid to try new things because we’ll be criticized, it’s hard to move forward and succeed.

We tend to too easily believe negative things about ourselves. Sometimes we drive ourselves using that fear and self-doubt. We may think it’s the only way.

The truth is, we create much better when we feel calm and relaxed. And the stress of driving ourselves can make us ill and exhausted. What stops you from seeing yourself in a better light?

It can help to understand how the brain holds hurts from the past. Our primitive brain can latch onto experiences. Sometimes that part of our brain (the part geared for survival) jumps to conclusions and won’t let go. Tapping is the best way we know of to help that stuck energy transform. We have a free 15 minute video tutorial on Thriving Now that explains the process. You can watch it at:

Couple in LoveTapping can help you feel better about yourself and direct your energy in a more productive way! If you’re judging yourself harshly, you probably (at least subconsciously) think you don’t deserve the very success you’ve been struggling for. You may be sabotaging your dreams.

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