September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

EFT enhances math scores

Performance in school is always enhanced by feelings of safety and confidence. Performance is negatively impacted when we feel scared, unsafe, or convinced we can’t do well in a particular subject. Steve Rich teaches remedial math at the university level. Wanting to help his students perform at their best and get past these mental blocks to performance, he engaged these young adults in an experiment.

As you will see below, he has applied EFT successfully to “math phobias” and other learning related issues.  In one of his math classes he preceded every other math test with EFT and then collected the statistics.  This gave him a meaningful look at EFT’s influence on their test scores.  He says, “On the tests that were preceded by the EFT work, the class average increased by 6 percent over the tests without EFT. That meant each student received, on average, one letter grade higher (e.g. a B to an A).”  Here is the complete story:

I have been teaching math for 38 years in the public schools and for 18 years I have also been teaching evening remedial math courses at our local university. For the last two years I have been an EFT practitioner and used EFT with tremendous success in my classes. I recall one student had “Math Test Anxiety” to the point that she physically could not attend school on the days I tested. ONE round of…Even though I can’t recall what I have learned when I take a math test…..completely eliminated her test anxiety and she was able to test with the other students for the rest of the year.

My greatest success with EFT, however, has been with my university classes. MOST of these university students are still in remedial math courses because they have fear, anxiety or hatred for math. I wanted to experiment with EFT to see if it would help my entire class at once.

I began one semester class by casually talking about things in the energy world they were familiar with, such as “Left brain/Right brain” learning. Then I talked about a few of the physical exercises such as the “cross crawl” which facilitates the use of BOTH hemispheres of the brain. Next I talked to them about acupuncture and the energy meridians used there. I then asked the class if anyone had heard of EFT and got only blank stares.

I explained to my class that, “SOME RESEARCHERS SAY, if you tap on your energy meridians while you think of the problems you have with math, that those problems seem to go away. Would you like to try an experiment and see if it really works?” They were all for trying “this new thing called EFT”

I showed them the places we would be tapping and furnished the set-up phrases for them….

“Even though I hate math….”
“Even though I can’t understand math…”
“Even though I have never liked math….”
“Even though I study hard and do alll my homework I just can’t remember anything when I take a math test…”
“Even though I have this math anxiety…”
“Even though I have test anxiety, ESPECIALLY math test anxiety….”

I told them that we ought to just do this tapping procedure every other test so we could tell if our experiment really made any difference.

I had many of the students come to me after or before class and tell me that they really felt a difference with their math anxiety. Some even asked me to use EFT to get rid of their migraines and other problems, which I did. At the end of the semester I tallied up the results. On the tests that were preceded by the EFT work, the class average increased by 6 percent over the tests without EFT. That meant each student received, on average, one letter grade higher (e.g. a B to an A).

Now, as the university students ask their friends which math teacher they should sign up with, many relate to me that they were told to sign up for the “TAPPING PROFESSOR’S” class.

Please note that the effect of tapping can often bring permanent shifts in the level of natural confidence and lower the “typical” level of anxiety. So, even though in this experiment they tapped every other exam, I would expect the overall class did better even on the intervening exams as well. Steve does show the significant benefit of tapping for preparation for those events where we need to perform mentally and physically at our best.

How many kids go through school very bright and capable but with a disruption in their energy system when it comes to test taking. Their fear clouds what they DO know. I love coaching children of all ages, and if your child has text anxiety (or you do!), please know that this is something that can be addressed easily. Even for high performing individuals, the extra edge being on the top of your focus and mental game can make a tremendous difference in scores.

  • Robert S. King says:

    Okay, you are close, but………….
    I am prepping for a national boards exam, I know the material well, but, I have test anxiety combined with some old perceptual learning ability issues. I have been confidently affirming my complete success on this test. However, I am looking for a script to cement my committment and my absolute belief that I will ACE this boards exam and gain my licensure. (That sentence brings up all the tears) It is an MBLEX, Massage Therapy and Bodywork National Licesure Exam, June 21st at High Noon, that is poetic, eh? I really appreciate any script you may suggest.
    Thank you in advance.


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