February 19, 2015 by Thriving Now Support

EFT Tapping Tip: I Don’t Know What To Tap On

ConfusedA lot of people feel nervous at first. They don’t know where to start or what words to use.

That’s ok! It gets easier with practice. And there aren’t “wrong subjects” for tapping, or “wrong words.” If you are tapping on what you’re feeling, your body and mind are hearing you.

Just like when we first learned to tie our shoes back in kindergarten, it can feel a bit awkward at first. We all went through that. But it gets easy fast! Now you probably don’t think twice about tying your shoes. Tapping can be that easy, too!

One thing that helps people get results faster is focusing on specific events. So rather than tapping on money issues, it can help to tap on the time when the bank called. Releasing the tension and fear around the specific memory can give you a lot of freedom to do something new.

Some of us have LOTS of negative events and memories. Don’t worry! You probably don’t have to tap on ALL of them. Many people find that if they tap through the most intense 3 to 5 times they had something stressful or traumatic happen, the rest of the issues dissipate on their own. (They get cleared along with the memories you tapped on.) Clearing the intensity around even a single memory helps you feel better and more empowered.

We often call the stuck emotions and beliefs blocks. If that word doesn’t resonate for you, feel free to change it to something that does.

If you don’t know what to tap on, you can actually tap on that. Most people are surprised at how quickly they get clarity. If you don’t get more ideas after tapping, you may just need to sleep on it… our subconscious will often communicate when we’re asleep or relaxed.

You can tap on not knowing what to tap on!

Let’s say you wanted to tap on being overwhelmed, but you didn’t know what your blocks are or where to start.

ButterflyBy now you probably know where the points are, so we’re going to take you through this just like we do in our newsletters (They’re free, and almost always include a tapping script or two. You can sign up at www.thrivingnow.com/subscribe).

Remember you can change the words and the issue to fit your situation.

When we first look at a problem, sometimes it seems too big and hard to tackle. You could tap on something like this and see what comes up…

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t know what the blocks are, I’m open to clarity.

Even though I feel stuck and I’m not sure what’s standing in my way, I ask my mind and body to direct me to the memories and feelings that keep me here.

Even though I’m not sure what to tap on, I can do some general tapping, and trust what comes up.

Top of the Head: I really don’t know what the blocks are.
Eyebrow: I do feel overwhelmed…
Side of the Eye: But I don’t know what to tap on.
Under the Eye: Why do I stay stuck in this place?
Under the Nose: What does it protect me from?
Chin: This negative feeling keeps my mind so busy…
Collarbone: I can’t stop and think.
Under the Arm: What would come up if I slowed down?

Top of the Head: I learned this pattern long ago.
Eyebrow: Back then I couldn’t handle those feelings and memories.
Side of the Eye: I am stronger now.
Under the Eye: I bet I could look at them.
Under the Nose: I could take baby steps.
Chin: I ask my body to help me focus…
Collarbone: To notice the fears that keep me stuck in this pattern.
Under the Arm: I do want clarity!

Top of the Head: Part of me is afraid to know what my blocks are.
Eyebrow: Maybe I don’t think I deserve to feel better.
Side of the Eye: Maybe I don’t think it would be safe to feel better.
Under the Eye: Why is that?
Under the Nose: What if I could tap and shift those beliefs?
Chin: And any other blocks that keep me stuck.
Collarbone: I ask for clarity and courage…
Under the Arm: So I can clear these blocks…
Top of the Head: And feel surprisingly good.

Take a deep breath.

Happy ComfortableTry tapping on this a couple times a day and see what comes up while you tap. Take notes for yourself… and also keep a journal by your bed in case in case you get clues during the night or upon first waking in the morning.

Just asking for clarity can bring surprising insights.

It is difficult when we lack clarity to know what to do. Start with tapping on anything that is coming up. Use a tapping script like this one… a few times a day if that feels right to you… and see where it takes you.

And if you feel uncertain… or the issues seem too big… get help. Having caring support and heart-centered guidance can make the process much faster and easier. Find a tapping buddy, tap with a friend, therapist or coach, or join a group to get direction and insights. Our group coaching program is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and accelerate your progress to the life you’ve always wanted…


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