August 26, 2010 by Thriving Now

Do you feel SAFE in your body?

Say aloud: I feel SAFE in my body.

How TRUE does it feel in your body on a scale of 0-10 where 0 means “not true at ALL” and 10 means “I feel totally safe.”

Until we feel safe — truly SAFE — nothing else will fall into place. We can’t feel abundant, get consistent body guidance, enjoy life, or thrive. Our primitive brain will have us doing things we’d rather not, and we’ll often find ourselves in emotional conflict over even “simple” life choices.

Safety is the first priority of the body. How can we feel safe? Is that even possible? And in situations that are legitimately not the safest, how can we bring forth a more resourceful state of being, to help us navigate difficult waters?

It may seem like an impossible task. In the calls over the next three weeks, we’ll break it down and give simple steps we can take to feeling safer. We’ll also provide exercises to reconnect with the body, notice early intuitively whispered warnings, and remove the blocks to setting appropriate boundaries with others.

We also know that specific events from our past can make us feel unsafe today… even though the threat is gone. EFT is perfect to relieve those old anxieties. We’ll address how to do that, too.

Cathy Vartuli and I will be co-hosting the following calls to cover these issues in depth. All calls begin at 8:30pm EDT:

Call 1 (Recorded — See outline): Why do I feel disconnected… unsafe and unhappy in my body?
– Why did we disconnect?
– Trauma, the primitive brain and inner children.
– Why do we want to reconnect?
– Common blocks to reconnecting to our bodies.
– How do we stop blaming and punishing our bodies?

Call 2 (Recorded — See outline): Reconnect with Safe and Happy Feelings
– Ok, so I want to reconnect… how do I do that?
– Exercises to reconnect.
– Why are good feelings so uncomfortable?
– Paying attention to communication from body.
– Accepting where we are right now.

Call 3 (Recorded — See outline): Creating Safe and Healthy Boundaries
– Having a good, healthy, easy “No.”
– How do I keep my body safe?
– Do I still need my old protective mechanisms?
– Forgiving our bodies.
– Thanking our bodies.

These calls are part of the Body Vitality Workshop that we’re holding as part of the Thriving Now Team. (All calls are recorded so you can listen and tap along later if you cannot attend.)

The detailed outline for our first call on Body YES and Body NO: Learning to Listen to the Body’s Intuitive, Intelligent Guidance can be found here:

The second call covered The Vibrational Scale: A Guide to Understand and Improving Your Vibrational Trend. A detailed 6-level Vibrational Scale (an evolution of the one proposed by Abraham-Hicks) can be found along with the call outline on the Thriving Now website at:

Our intention with the Body Vitality Workshop is to help you…

– develop an amazing relationship with your body…
– help it feel surprisingly safe, calm, and confident…
– listen to and follow its intuitive guidance…
– consciously direct its vibrational trend towards total well-being…
– and delight in the pleasures of food, movement, and touch in healthy and balanced ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re over-, under- or at your perfect weight, hate the pains in your back, think you don’t have enough muscles, feel clumsy, or your nose is funny….

We’ll focus on developing practical body guidance, feeling safe in your body, appreciating and accepting where you are (as hard as that can be sometimes), and removing blocks to moving forward towards a more powerful, healthy, vital body. We’ll have specific calls on eating for the body’s needs… and for its pleasure! We’ll also use EFT to bring relief to pain and suffering… and bring more fluid movement to your body from your head to your toes.

In the members-only forum we’ll have ongoing discussions on each of these topics… as well as mutual support and encouragement to guide this process.

If you would like to participate in this workshop and bring increased vitality and power to your body, become a team member.

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