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Clutter – That SPECIAL Thing

I gave away that special thing that had meant so much to me. I couldn’t have… without tapping.

2013-10-26 08.27.38It was 2007. I had just opened up a new office in Morgantown, West Virginia. My business partner and best friend at the time had seen how much I liked this hand crafted ceramic piece she’d purchased for her office… and she found me a really interesting matching pen and business card holder. She gave it to me to launch my career as a full time emotional freedom coach.

It was one of the first things in my new freshly churned, butter yellow coaching office… bright and ready for the  thousands of rich emotional engagements with clients to come.

In the years that followed, that piece “kept” a connection to a fresh time in my life, to a relationship that had since moved on, and more.

A special piece like that is special… for EMOTIONAL reasons. And it often stays “stuck” in our life for those same reasons.

As I unpacked my office here in Asheville, North Carolina, I looked at it again. It had no place physically or energetically in my new space. I could feel that. And I wasn’t quite ready to give it away.


Because the piece and I were not yet emotionally complete. Humans hold onto things that symbolize meaningful times in our lives. Moldy lettermen jackets. Tour guidebooks from a place we dreamed of visiting. Old letters that make us cry or re-open old wounds.

Here’s the thing…

If you have one such item in a box, but it is too emotionally difficult to you to deal with alone, you will keep the WHOLE BOX. Often unopened. A pile of stuff in the corner may be there because that ONE THING in the middle you have guilt about getting rid of. All the rest of the stuff acts as “insulation” from the emotional pain of that one special thing.

I know.

And I am deeply grateful to Tapping for helping me develop an empowered way to deal with the emotions in my stuff.

I use Tapping to engage with the energy between me and the thing:

1) What if any negative emotions do I feel inside when I look at it, hold it, and consider letting it go?
2) Are there any positive feelings or memories tied to it?

I tap on those, and then…

3) Give it a blessing on its way…

So take some Special Thing that you’d like to let go of… and get clear about the emotional mix. Look at it while we tap together. Feel free to change the words as is right for you. Take your time with each statement. Connect to the feelings.  (If you are new to EFT Tapping, you can learn about it here for free:

Karate chop: Even though I feel a pang of painful emotion tied to this special thing, I deeply and completely accept all of my feelings.

Even though this special thing is tied to some good memories I do NOT want to let go of, I am open to keeping the positive energy even if this special thing moves on.

Even though this special thing has been a part of my life… in ways that caused me discomfort… and some ways that still feel good… I honor what was and bless this special thing on its way.

Top of the Head: I feel some pain at the idea of letting it go.
Eyebrow: I feel that discomfort in my body right now.
Side of the Eye: It’s hard to let it go when I feel this way.
Under the Eye: I ask to resolve these feelings right NOW.
Under the Nose: I’m open to letting go.
Chin: I am letting go of any and ALL the emotional pain…
Collarbone: Connected to this item.
Under the Arm: I invite my body to keep the best and let go of the rest.

Top of the Head: Yes, there are mixed emotions here.
Eyebrow: I can see  them now.
Side of the Eye: I can feel them now.
Under the Eye: I am resolving them right NOW.
Under the Nose: I invite my body to be free of any negative ties.
Chin: I keep the best…
Collarbone: Even as I let go of the pain here.
Under the Arm: Even as I remember the good times.

Top of the Head: I have other good things in my life now.
Eyebrow: Things I still want around me.
Side of the Eye: Just not this thing… and that’s okay.
Under the Eye: I give myself permission to see it on its way…
Under the Nose: To move it on…
Chin: With appreciation…
Collarbone: And full relief from any anxiety it has caused me.
Under the Arm: It is time.
Top of the Head: And I am grateful for my emotional clarity and empowerment.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel now as you look at this item. Does it still have the same emotional hold on you? If it still has some hold on you that keeps it from moving on, go back to questions #1 and #2. See if some new situations or feelings have arisen. And tap again…

For this special item of mine, I tapped before putting it in the box to give away and again after. What I can tell you now is that emotionally I feel much more at peace in my body.I can also see someone finding it and being thrilled to discover such a special item at the thrift store! It has a new journey of its own to make now. As do I.

Warm smiles,


P.S. If you know there are messy emotions in your stuff and would like to freshen up your world, keep an eye out early next week for our announcement <smile>


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