January 23, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Clutter Cleanse!


bigstock-businesswoman-in-her-office-an-5787818How To Clear Clutter in 3 Easy Steps!

I love the spring. It’s a time full of growth and new possibilities… but the old, confused clutter can get in the way of the joy and delight that comes from having a fresh path and all that springtime energy!

It’s time to clean up and clear out that old, dusty, no-longer-needed stuff… so you can move forward on the next phase of your life and your journey.

It can be hard though. There are memories and hopes… longings and fears… mixed up with that STUFF. And what if you need it sometime?! So it sits there, growing into a bigger, more confusing pile… getting dusty… and sapping your energy every time you see it.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your environment (and show yourself some love by clearing out the mess), here are 3 simple steps you can take to tackle this with surprising ease. (I know! I followed Rick Wilkes and Carol Look’s Clearing Clutter with EFT program and ended up getting a U-Haul to take things to the local Women’s Shelter. It was all useful and valuable… and it didn’t fit my life anymore. I LOVE how it feels to come home to a tidy, clear space where I can play and create!)

Ready? Let’s do some EFT tapping.

1) Start with ONE thing. It’s so easy to get sucked in and try to tackle a giant pile. But that rarely works. We tend to get emotionally overwhelmed and stop. Trust me on this one. Choose one item at a time. It will get easier and faster as you go. You’re building up muscles and before you know it, it will be second nature.

2) Choose someplace for it to go. If you don’t have specific places to send things, it makes it much harder to let them go.

– I got a small box for the things I wanted to keep.

– I put several boxes in my garage for the things I was giving to the shelter.

– And I had a big garbage bag for the things that could be thrown out.

– You can put a box next to the garbage for things that need to be shredded.

It made such a difference to have destinations. I ended up shredding 14 bags of old bills and papers. (Don’t worry–there are shredding trucks in lots of places now, where you pay a bit of money, they pull up to your house and shred it in front of your eyes. And some local libraries and municipal centers have shredding days that don’t cost a thing.)

3) Tap on what comes up when you look at that one item you chose. Anytime you run into resistance, do this tapping and you’ll quickly clear out the CAUSE of the clutter, as you clear out your home and office! Feel free to change the words to fit what you’re feeling.

Karate Chop: Even though I dread clearing ALL this clutter, this is ONE item, and I can make a decision about ONE thing right now.

Even though I have a lot of emotions around my clutter… I do have support in these words, right now, and I’m energetically not alone. I can release this piece of my clutter and give it a new home.

Even though I’m afraid to lose this item, because of the memories I’ve stored in it, and because I might need it later, the Universe is abundant and loving, and I can keep the memories and the security without necessarily keeping this item. I get to choose.

Top of the Head: I do get to choose.
Eyebrow: I ask for clarity.
Side of the Eye: I ask for ease.
Under the Eye: I’m tired of being buried in clutter.
Under the Nose: I’m scared…
Chin: And I’m also ready to grow.
Collarbone: I’m ready to release this armor of STUFF…
Under the Arm: And let in the abundance that I’ve been waiting for.

Top of the Head: All the OLD is blocking the NEW.
Eyebrow: The noise of the clutter is holding me back…
Side of the Eye: And making me tired.
Under the Eye: I reclaim that energy now.
Under the Nose: I don’t need this thing…
Chin: To feel loved and safe.
Collarbone: I invite the memories to stay…
Under the Arm: And the Universe to wrap me in loving arms.

Top of the Head: It’s time to change this pattern.
Eyebrow: It’s time to feel easy in my world.
Side of the Eye: I can release this item to the Universe…
Under the Eye: And accept abundance in return.
Under the Nose: I can release my fear and confusion to the Universe, too.
Chin: And invite ease and joy to come to me.
Collarbone: The Universe can transform and create…
Under the Arm: And send me energy, joy and inspiration…
Top of the Head: So this is surprisingly easy… and maybe even fun!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what came up for you. Write down any strong feelings and thoughts and do another round of tapping. Remember, you’re building muscles that will change how you look at clutter forever!

Warm smiles,


P.S. You can get a full coaching program (with lots more tapping) to help you clear your clutter here:



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