September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Can we tap for positive affirmations?

Can you tap with regular positive affirmations without saying anything negative first? For instance, you tap the points while saying something positive? Do we really need to release the negative first?

Sure, you can tap on just the positive, in whatever kind of affirmation you want to use. Just one thing to watch:

Affirmations often raise within us “tail enders.” For example, if I were to tap on “My head is growing a rich mane of hair,” my tail ender would be “Nonsense! You’re getting balder all the time!”  Now, that’s okay with me because I really like my head the way it looks (thanks to EFT). But if I were to start tapping affirmations that did not feel true to me, I would absolutely stop and do a normal round of EFT, to add more power to the affirmation.

State your affirmation and ask how true does it feel.  As an example, I might say: “I am handsome.” Well, feels like an 8. I’ve got work to do there. If I just use the positive, I might get to 10. If I used standard EFT, I can get there more reliably, in my experience. I call this the Power of Positive Tapping, a way to make our affirmations vibrate with positive energy using EFT to address tail enders.

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