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Basic Instructions - EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

We recommend these more comprehensive articles:


1) Note your starting intensity (0-10): ______

2) While tapping on the karate chop point, say the following three times, stating your physical or emotional pain as specifically as possible (the “set-up”):

“Even though I feel this _______________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

3) Tap on each of the points in sequence, approximately 5-7 times each, stating your pain (the “reminder”): “This _______________”.

– Top of head
– Eyebrow
– Side of eye
– Under eye
– Under nose
– Chin
– Collarbone
– Under arm
– Back to top of head.

4) Take a deep breath! (See the article Anxiety Constricted Breathing for an audio EFT session on deep breathing)

5) Note your ending intensity (0-10): ______. If above a “2,” repeat the steps above. You can also make the following changes:

– Making the statement more specific; what is the best way to describe what you are now feeling?
– You can modify the set-up statement in step (2) to “Even though I still have some of this _______________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
– Make the reminder phrase as you tap the points “Remaining _______________.”


These basic EFT instructions are provided as a public courtesy to help expand the use of EFT in the world and represents the good faith ideas and interpretations of Thriving Now LLC but not necessarily those of Gary Craig (Founder) or EFT.

  • Moistlotus says:

    Lovely, thank you. You are wonderful. This is great stuff. Who knew it could be so simple?

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