July 30, 2023 by Thriving Now Support

Bad Feeling in My Stomach

Question: I have been practicing EFT for almost a year now on my problems. However, I cannot get any significant results. One of my problems is depression. I call it the “bad feeling in my stomach” which arises many times a day, especially when I try to relax. I used EFT on this problem like “Even though I have this bad feeling in my stomach I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” I did this several times a day but no result. Maybe you can help me.

1) You need to be more specific. See my EFT Audio Tip on Pay attention to Body Sensations, and start adding emotional components and more precise descriptions of the sensation.

2) What does the sensation remind you of? Answer this: “The worse time I ever had this sensation was when ________________________ .” Trust whatever comes up. Then use EFT on that specific memory, in detail, using the EFT Movie Technique. I find that with clients who are not getting results on their own, working with me individually or in a group EFT coaching session usually helps them to start seeing results.

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