May 29, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Ancestral Beliefs: Identifying, Releasing, and Healing with Carol Look, EFT Master

Cathy talks with Carol Look, EFT Master, a highly respected leader in the field of Tapping, Law of Attraction, and Abundance.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her work, Carol is remarkably talented, and we love how she shares advanced concepts in a way that really makes sense. Her advice is practical and yet still takes vibrational healing to a brand new level. Today she is sharing her perspectives on Ancestral Beliefs,  how to identify them, release them, and heal them.

Carol shares her insights on Ancestral Beliefs and how we can “give them back” to allow more freedom and abundance into our lives. Some of the topics covered include:

– Genetic or energetic? What determines the outcome of our lives.
– What questions you can ask to help clarify your (or your clients) beliefs around this.
– How much can we change?
– Sending old beliefs and energies back to their rightful owners.
– Tapping on Ancestral Beliefs around Money, Health, and Self-acceptance.
– Releasing issues around Shame and Loyalty.
– Discussion of the Japan Disaster and ways people can feel more empowered.

Listen (41:47) or Download MP3

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