September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Afraid of answering the phone and returning calls

I recently answered a query from a person who has a terrible time answering the phone; she doesn’t. She let’s it ring, and feels tremendous stress while it is ringing, and even more when she has to return the call, particularly if it is to someone like her boss, or anyone else in a position of authority. She feels like a “loser” because of this. Here is my reply:

Let me share with you my perspective of the energy system’s effect on behavior. Let’s say that you walked into the room and I was being electrocuted. Would you tell me to relax? Calm down? Be more brave? Answer the ringing phone?

Of course you wouldn’t! You’d figure out a way to safely and quickly break the circuit, to stop the electrocution.

Okay, so when you hear the phone ringing, something in your energy system short circuits. Zzzzzzttttt! When you think of anyone “above” you, the same thing occurs Zzzzttttt!

There is no blame here. It just is. If you watch the EFT DVDs like Dave’s fear of water, is Dave a “loser” because his body will not let him feel SAFE near water, in water, around water?? Of course not.

It’s the same for you, my friend. From an energy system perspective, there are certain situations which short circuit your system. You go from You to Not-You. You don’t have any more conscious control to relax and be confident than I would with 120V AC running through me.

But there is Good News!

When you are in those states, your body is already tuned into the problem. IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAP, you can start eliminating and rewiring some of those short circuits.

Phone rings? Start tapping:

Karate Chop: “Even though I feel totally scared and am NOT going to answer that phone, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Do that three times while tapping. Scream at the phone, “EVEN THOUGH I HATE IT WHEN YOU RING BECAUSE I HATE HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL, I choose to feel calm and confident ANYWAY!” and tap.

Tap through all the points. Keep tapping. Keep tapping while the answering machine kicks in. Keep tapping while you listen to the messages.

“Even though I feel like SUCH A LOSER when I can’t even return a stupid phone call! I deeply and completely accept myself ANYWAY!”

Keep tapping until the intensity of what you are feeling drops below a 2, ideally to 0.

And then just notice…. how do you feel afterwards?

  • Victoria Bond says:

    Being scared of a ringing phone is no joke .
    Last night life suddenly thought where my fear started from , so now I know I may able to tackle the problem .

    Thank you

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