February 11, 2017 by Thriving Now Support

Taking Baby Steps to Row Across the Ocean Alone

Baby steps? Where can baby steps get you? Well, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat…

Katie Spotz On Endurance, Waves and Rowing 2817 Miles—Alone

On Sunday, Katie Spotz became the youngest person to row across the Atlantic alone… After a month of rowing, Spotz realized she still had not reached the halfway point. Depression set in. But Spotz had seen this coming. As an endurance athlete who has run marathons, cycled across the United States and swam the entire Allegheny River, Spotz learned that every endurance event has a moment where the whole adventure seems hopeless. Before the trip, she trained for months with a sport psychologist to learn meditation.

“I really couldn’t think too far in advance because otherwise it was overwhelming,” Spotz says. “I had to keep thinking about these doable, achievable baby steps.

[via Popular Mechanics]

Baby steps. Doable, achievable baby steps. No matter how grand the accomplishment we seek, no matter how miraculous the healing we aspire for ourselves, there is something in the NOW, some action that takes just the next two minutes, that can move you in the right direction.

So often we as humans get stuck when we are focusing on the BIG project. We will beat ourselves up for procrastinating, or self-sabotaging. Maybe we are. Or maybe our clarity is overwhelmed by too many options.

This is where the 2-minute doable baby step can not only unfreeze our action but also give us awareness if we ARE stuck, if we ARE in a place where it doesn’t feel safe to move forward. If not feeling safe is the block, you can use tapping to free yourself.

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