December 6, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Why Do We Become Ungrounded?

We learn to dissociate… and it is also instinctual.

For better or worse, we learn “coping” mechanisms from Mom and Dad and other early caregivers. If our parents dealt with their daily stresses by being numb or distracted and out of body, we are likely to do that, too.

Our primitive brain instinctually dissasociates us both in the freeze response and whenever pain or injury would keep us from fighting or fleeing. This process helps increase our chances of surviving an imminent threat. This type of reaction occurs regardless of whether the threat is physical or emotional.

In addition to the grounding exercises, Energy Tapping (EFT) can certainly help! Tapping can calm the primitive brain and help release old patterns of behavior.

Karate Chop: “Even though I do get overwhelmed sometimes, and it feels frightening to be present in the moment, I am actually safe… right here, right now.”

“Even though I have a lot of fears and pressure, being a bit more calm and connected will help me face my issues and find positive, healthy solutions.”

“Even though I learned not to be present in my body or environment, I am a good person who is doing my best, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself as I am.”

Top of the Head: “Sometimes I feel very distant from myself.”
Eyebrow: Is it really safe to be present and grounded?”
Side of the Eye: “I feel like life is passing me by.”
Under the Eye: “Can I be more present?”
Under the Nose: “I feel afraid.”
Chin: “I’m not used to being open and aware.”
Collarbone: “It might feel good!”
Under the Arm: “But I keep forgetting and spacing out.”

Top of the Head: “I would like to be more connected to my now.”
Eyebrow: “Maybe I could practice.”
Side of the Eye: “Can I be aware of my body and my experiences for a minute?”
Under the Eye: “I can always tap on any resistance and fear!”
Under the Nose: “I’m tired of living on autopilot.”
Chin: “I want to enjoy my life.”
Collarbone: “Life used to be overwhelming, but I have new skills and strengths.”
Under the Arm: “I am open to this being surprisingly easy and enjoyable!”

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