September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

What is the order of points for the short form of EFT?

I’ve seen the EFT shortcut procedure with and without the top of the head point, and I’ve seen people start with the top of the head or the eyebrow point. Does it matter?

Short answer: It doesn’t matter. I typically start at the top of the head, go to eyebrow, down the body, then back to the top of the head. Some start with eyebrow and end with top of the head. Some start with top of head and end under the arm. You can also reverse them, leave out some, and still get excellent results. One spot is sometimes enough, too.

Remember that the meridian system is a flow of energy. Just as injecting a medicine into one vein eventually reaches the entire body, so too does tapping on one acupoint resonate throughout the energy system.

When I have a client on the massage table, I will often tap on many different points including ones on the back that are hard for us to reach ourselves without help. When someone is talking, I might tap on the finger points, wrist, or back points. Energy therapy has many different recipes. The EFT tapping points article covers the short form of EFT as is currently practiced in most EFT training courses. If you want to learn the long form which includes the finger points and 9-gamut, download Gary Craig’s free EFT Manual.

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