September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

What is the difference between acupuncture and EFT?

Acupuncture addresses the meridians, acupoints, and the flow of energy through the body (as does EFT). Oriental medical doctors are trained to memorize the locations of all the diverse channels, all the points (hundreds of them), the diagnostic implications of symptoms along each of their pathways, and their relationships to specific pathologies on each channel. From their training, they can manipulate the flow of energy in order to treat patients. Receiving an acupuncture treatment is, when done properly, akin to receiving very precise treatment to the energy system by a highly trained professional.

The training required to effectively apply acupuncture takes many years to master. One must be properly licensed. And it is definitely not something you can apply to yourself at home.

Some people get terrific results from acupuncture for pain relief and emotional problems like depression. One friend of mine responded well to acupuncture for tailbone pain. My own experiences with acupuncture have been less pleasant and effective.

I’ve had four acupuncture treatments from two different practitioners. I never enjoyed the sensation of the needles. In order to find a talented practitioner when I had the L5-S1 herniated disc, I was referred to a traditional Chinese Medical Doctor in Washington, DC. Alas, I found it very difficult to communicate with him; he spoke very little English. Most of his clients were Chinese speaking.

In fact, it was this experience that pointed out how much I value communication in my health providers. I was lying on the table face down when, without warning in any language I understood, he jabbed in needle at the base of my scrotum. Yeeeeoooow! So, if my position on EFT and acupuncture is slanted towards EFT, you can blame it on that needle…

Here are some of the potent benefits of EFT:

– EFT can be taught quickly to anyone of any age.
– EFT can be used whenever it is needed, and it usually brings immediate results.
– EFT can be applied in a few minutes a day, every day, several times a day.
– EFT lets an individual restore and maintain his or her own energy system.
– EFT can be targeted intentionally at specific emotional and physical feelings, memories, and pains.
– EFT can be a lot less expensive as a wellness practice over a lifetime.
– EFT is simple and doesn’t require complex diagnostic gifts.
– EFT is highly effective and long lasting.
– EFT can be shared with others.
– No needles!

These are some of the many reasons why EFT is gaining acceptance. I have great respect for acupuncturists. They often achieve results when western medical approaches fail. The art of acupuncture is far too complex to convey in this short answer. Certainly, there is no reason EFT and acupuncture cannot be combined effectively. Some acupuncturists teach their clients EFT, in fact, for them to use at home.

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