June 15, 2023 by Thriving Now Support

Using EFT on Pregnancy Fears

I believe that teaching each pregnant mother how to use EFT on her fears and limiting beliefs can allow more children to be born naturally, with fewer medical interventions required. The power of thought, especially the practiced thoughts of a Creator (as all mothers are by definition), does have a direct impact on what transpires. We know by the Law of Attraction that what we focus on gets bigger, and we draw more of those experiences to ourselves. EFT helps mothers to focus their energy on thoughts that make them feel good.

Here in this story by Sarah Holland about Julie, we see that she has very specific beliefs, based on past experience, that she fears are going to come to pass once again. We see also that even early on in her pregnancy, these fears are given emotional relief using EFT.

Late in her pregnancy, we also see that the use of body-centered energy modalities can soothe the mother and baby so that a natural event—such as turning into the right position for childbirth—is more likely to occur. In my hands-on work I use craniosacral, body unwinding, and energetic touch rather than specifically reflexology as Sarah does. (see Make Way for Baby for one such story). There are many healthy touch oriented approaches that can do the same. EFT is wonderful for self-soothing even during the labor process, too, as Julie demonstrated.

Julie first came to me for EFT when she was 15 weeks pregnant with her fourth child. This session was unrelated to her pregnancy, but Julie told me that her three sons had all been born from a posterior position (baby’s spine next to her spine) which had led to slow, uncomfortable labours. She had also required three medical inductions, as she had not started labour naturally. I suggested that we should see how this pregnancy progressed and use some EFT if it looked like this baby was also going to be posterior.

In the last month of her pregnancy Julie contacted me to say that the baby was indeed laying back to back so we agreed to combine both EFT and Reflexology.

We started the session with EFT and only spent around 20 minutes working on Julie’s fears and beliefs surrounding the baby’s lie and the upcoming birth. The phrases we used included:

“Even though I know this baby won’t turn round…”

“Even though I know I can only carry babies that are a posterior lie..”

“Even though I’m angry that this baby won’t turn round..”

“Even though I’m scared of going through another painful back to back labour..”

“Even though I can’t go into labour naturally, and I know I will need to be induced again, because I’ve always had to be induced and this time won’t be any different…”

We tapped on each of the statements until Julie was no longer afraid of the labour (however it turned out), and she no longer had the firm belief that she could only carry babies in a posterior lie. Her attitude after EFT was “what will be, will be and I will cope. I’ve done it 3 times before so I can do it again!”

I then proceeded to give Julie Reflexology during which she felt the baby makes some BIG moves.

Ten days later Julie saw her consultant who was pleased to inform her that the baby had turned round and was now in an ideal position for birth. She was already 3 cm dilated so it looked like Julie would go into labour without any medical intervention. And they were right, Julie went into labour all by herself!

Julie told me that she used EFT during early labour, tapping on the statement “Even though I know these contractions will stop because I never go into proper labour…”. Then during the 90 minutes before her baby was born, Julie tapped on coping with the pain of each contraction, and on her anticipation of the next one that was coming up. During her EFT sessions we had noticed that the under eye point seemed to be the most effective for Julie, so during labour she only tapped on this one point, which helped her cope with the contractions without the need for any pain relief.

Julie gave birth to her 8lb 8 1/2 oz daughter, after a labour lasting just 3 hours 24 minutes, with no pain relief medication required at all. She told me that EFT enabled her to have a fantastic birth!

Sarah Holland is an EFT expert in the U.K. You can subscribe to her newsletter ‘Tap Into Your Potential!’ at www.sarah-holland.co.uk/newsletter.html


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