January 9, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

A Thanksgiving Tapping For Abundance, and Do You Ever Feel Guilty?

Do you ever feel guilty for not practicing gratitude more? (I know I do)

Funny how gratitude feels good, but the human brain just doesn’t turn to it very often.

We’re fixers, doers, and “becomers.”

Nothing wrong with that! The abundance we have is in large part due to the strong asking of generations before us.

Rick and I are grateful for people just like you. And like you, we want to become more, and help you become more!

We’re including some tapping to help you tune into abundance WHILE you feel grateful (so you get to reach while you enjoy).

Thank YouOn to Tapping For Abundance!

Take a nice deep breath and feel your feet, wiggle your toes.

Karate Chop: Even though I often feel guilty for not feeling more gratitude, I’m open to feeling grateful for the part of me that reaches for more.

Even though I feel guilty (and sometimes am afraid that someone will take it away if I’m grateful), I am ready to grow and allow more.

Even though I don’t always practice being grateful, I’m open to seeing how much I have and being a role model for others as I grow and allow abundance of all kinds.

Top of the Head: I do have more than a lot of people.
Eyebrow: And I have less than some.
Side of the Eye: When I feel grateful,
Under the Eye: It tends to bring up all kinds of feelings.
Under the Nose: Fear and guilt,
 Worry and regret and jealousy.
Collarbone: And right now,
Under the Arm: I choose to allow happiness.

Top of the Head: I kind of rock!
Eyebrow:  Here I am tapping and taking care of myself.
Side of the Eye: Releasing some of those outdated feelings.
Under the Eye:
 I’m not 3 anymore.
Under the Nose: I’m allowed to have abundance.
 And we’ll always have different things.
Collarbone: It’s okay to want more.
Under the Arm: It’s okay to notice what I have now.

Top of the Head: I invite the Universe to help me with the conflicts.
Eyebrow: ‘Cause I want to rock this next year.
Side of the Eye: I want Abundance and gratitude all mixed together.
Under the Eye:
 I want growth and inspiration.
Under the Nose: I LOVE that about me!
 I’m grateful for that about me.
Collarbone: With a calmer heart,
Under the Arm: I invite the Universe to guide me.
Top of the Head: Help me allow Abundance and Gratitude all mixed together.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel. Often just a few minute of tapping can change your world and bring a new sense of grounding. And if this brought up something- that’s prime tapping material!

We want you to have the abundance you long for. Past issues of deserving and fears, there is enough for everyone. If your heart guides you, we look forward to engaging with you in our programs.

May your week be sweet and filled with plenty,
Cathy and Rick

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