August 17, 2016 by Thriving Now

Hysterical Over Stolen Car – Mom Did Not Take Me – Unworthy at the Core

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This teleconference was recorded on Sunday, November 20, 2005 at 11:00am. As you listen to this EFT coaching session, I encourage you to tap along … even if your issue isn’t exactly the same. If you would like to personally benefit from our EFT and Emotional Freedom Coaching services, sign-up today as a Thriving Now Team Member

Hysterical Over Stolen Car (Start 00:30) Jai’s car was stolen several weeks ago. In addition to all the fear and feelings of being unsafe such an act brings normally, because the car requires a special key and was seen being driven into Mexico, his insurance company is going to question him in a legal deposition. He’s concerned that he’ll say something that will delay payment for his loss, besides not wanting to have anything to do with the legal system. As we tapped along, you will notice that I covered many different aspects of what he was thinking and feeling with EFT. In the end he feels relief and a good measure of “calm confidence” as he moves forward into the insurance company claims process. Such events are never “fun.” What EFT can do is bring us to a place where we might even have less anxiety about it than a typical person. 

Mom Did Not Take Me (Start 16:08) Early childhood events like a sudden car accident can make significant, life-altering impacts on our energy system. In this follow-up session with Ben, he remembered after re-listening to previous sessions that his mother took him to a priest after the event, and he had some relief. However, a couple of years later when other aspects started showing up, his mother took him to another priest who strongly recommended that she take her little boy back to the original priest for additional healing, or he “would be stuck with this problem for the rest of his life.” His mother… did not take him. So we tapped on the anger, sadness, the “Why not?” and “Why me??” questions. I had Ben use his boyhood language of Turkish with some of the tapping, and as he noted, it helped to bring the emotions to the surface for relief.

Unworthy at the Core (Start 45:15) Is there a difference between being “undeserving” and being “unworthy” ? If it feels to your body that there is, then the energy behind the word DOES make a difference. Mima had a strong reaction along all the core energy centers of her body to the statement “I am unworthy.” As we tapped on the feelings, thoughts, and body sensations, she found both relief and a shift to feeling, truly, that she IS worthy.

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