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It Has To Be a “10” For Me to Listen – I Don’t Have a Clear NO – What is Wrong with Me?

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This teleconference was recorded on Sunday, October 2, 2005 at 10:30am. If you would like to participate in EFT and Emotional Freedom Coaching teleconferences yourself, consider becoming a Thriving Now Team Member.

It Has To Be a “10” For Me To Listen to My Body (Start 04:40) Deb has multiple sclerosis and doesn’t always know when she’s not feeling well. She had some downtime after sessions we had the week before. In this session I explore how to listen and respect her body’s signals so that it doesn’t take a “10” pain level for her to take the time and rest to renew her body. When I asked her, “Do you accept downtime unless your body forces it?” the answer was No. Yet, energy therapy (indeed, all healing) can require a period or reorganization and refreshment as we address deeper issues. If we won’t listen to subtler signals, the body will TAKE what it needs!

I Can’t Listen to Me & I Don’t Have a Clear NO (Start 29:50) Hana was raised in the vibration of not being able to listen and respect her inner guidance. There were very strong energies that forced her to accept even energies that were unsafe. It takes a while, once we do finally get to a place where we have the physical and emotional freedom to listen within, to trust that our choices are right for us and other people can be free to make their choices. Part of that is being able to “Say No” — doing what is right for ME! This session is a continuation of the process of being able to develop a Clear NO and feel calm and confident in the body. I believe inner guidance comes from the Clear YES!

What is Wrong with Me? (Start 57:30) If the habit is to ask the question, “What is wrong with me? Why am I so tired?” it might be better to ask a different question… 

Energy of Should and Have To (Start 1:02:10) When we have the emotion of “should” or “have to,” it feels so heavy compared to “want to” or “choose to.” I talk here about Tony Robbin’s approach to transformational vocabulary. Words are a way we concretize the energy of an emotion. The rest of the call is spent on vibrations of focus.

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