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Emotional Stress and the Acne Mask – Jinxed, Dry Eyes

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Emotional Stress and the Acne Mask (Start 00:30) About two months ago, she had a breakout appear on her cheeks. She has been to several health professionals, undergone some treatments including a laser treatment, and the breakout continues. She has been eating really well, too, in an attempt to clear up the condition. Her intuition is that there is an emotional cause. She has used EFT before on this, and on several of the stressors in her life. In this session, we continue to use a bit of detective work, general tapping on the condition itself, offering that she is open to learning the root cause(s), and we end up working with stress in her stomach. This stress starts as a feeling of a tight belt that causes shallow breaths. As we chase the pain using EFT, the pain shifts and moves, sometimes feeling like a ball, sometimes like a foil shield. From my perspective, both the stomach and perhaps the breakout on the face are “barometers” that negatively respond to overall emotional stress. Continuing to diligently apply EFT to whatever emotional pains and physical symptoms is a practical way to reduce overall stress and assist with the body’s innate healing abilities.  Another approach, which I did not cover in this call, is to focus more and more attention on skin on the body that feels wonderful. I use this technique with people who have eczema and other skin conditions. When there is an outbreak, it is human nature to focus on what is WRONG. Unfortunately, by the law of attraction, what we focus upon usually becomes larger and larger in our awareness. This can increase overall stress! So, a visualization I would use is to notice an area of skin that feels healthy and happy, rub it gently, and with eyes closed, let the energy of that skin area expand and bloom to cover the rest of the body, including the affected areas. This improves the vibration of health within the cells of the skin, and it also sends love and appreciation to the skin as a whole (the largest organ in the body).

Larry’s Wife Jinxed My Eyes and Now Mine Are Dry, Too! (Start 32:00) Barbara has seriously dry eyes. About 10 years ago, a family friend “Larry’s Wife” made a comment to Barbara that she says, “I’ll never forget.” It was an awful thing to say. It projected her own health and emotional issues onto Barbara… who ended up with dry eyes 10 years later around the time “predicted” by Larry’s wife. While it may not be logically true, it felt to Barbara’s eyes that this woman’s words, spoken from a place of her own personal pain, had somehow “jinxed” her. Remember, when it comes to the energy system, we don’t respond “logically.” There is much more at work, most of it hidden from the conscious mind.  We used EFT on the jinxed feeling in the eyes as well as the emotions she felt as she recalled the conversation. Barbara has a list of other emotional events that may offer doors into the lack of moisture in her eyes and will continue to use EFT on those emotions. (Because she has special plugs in her eyes right now, it isn’t possible to know right away whether she has made progress. But the emotional relief from addressing these issues is definitely helpful to improving hopefulness as well as peace and healing energy within the body.)

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