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I Have To Please Everyone – Teeth Extraction – Churning Stomach

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This teleconference was recorded on September 18, 2005 at 10:30am. If you would like to participate in EFT and Emotional Freedom Coaching teleconferences yourself, consider becoming a Thriving Now Team Member

I Have To Please Everyone (Start 00:30) Have you ever been in a position where you tried to please everyone and found yourself being stressed? Most professionals working with groups of clients face the same challenges. I know I do, even on something as “simple” as setting the time for a class. What I coach my clients to do is to listen to what other members of the group may want (ideally), and then… if you are the teacher or group leader… make a decision that feels best to you. Great leaders lead from the heart; they do care about others. They do want to find win-win solutions. Yet, they also realize that it is impossible to meet everyone’s needs all the time. In this EFT session we cover not only getting the energy behind feeling good about listening AND feeling good about making a decision that is right for the teacher, but we also touch on the feelings of scarcity and rejection we can feel when some people “opt out.”  At 47:25 I return to this caller, and we end with a nice tapping to let the whole body dance with the energy of total well-being.

Teeth Extraction and The Churning Stomach (Start 13:45) Is your stomach your barometer for stress in your life? In this session we tap with Sylvia on feelings on having a dental procedure where they want to “invade” her mouth and remove 7-8 teeth. We tap on those feelings and then go to the stomach which starts at an 8-9 and murky grey and ends at a 3 with some rays of sunshine appearing behind the grey wall. After these tapping rounds, her stomach is “considering” new possibilities. Sylvia has obviously done a lot of self-work that is reflected in the genuinely loving feelings she is able to direct to parts of her body, even those that are troubled. I find it incredibly useful when clients do have a barometer that lets them know that emotional self-care is required. By using EFT to self-soothe the parts of you that speak up in pain the loudest, we are often lead to insights and new doorways we can explore towards a deeper healing. (Also listen to part 2 with Silvia from the evening session.)

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