September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Tapping with EFT for Resistant Mechanical Trouble

I have tapped with some clients (presenting for physical therapy) who have very mechanical problems. Together we have tapped using EFT around all sorts of things with no change. I know experience will help me a lot, but is it unreasonable to expect that tapping will effect resistant mechanical trouble?

Physical issues are more “concrete” energetically than thought fields, right? Now, if I have an emotional issue or thought that keeps “poking me in the shoulder” so to speak, and I address that thought and… poof! The shoulder is relieved.

Always the case? No. Sometimes, the mechanical issues are the result of practiced emotions over a lifetime. Sometimes they are the result of physical injuries with significant tissue damage. While we CAN see quick improvement, it is my experience (since this is my specialty) that within 6 months of regularly addressing physioemotional pain, you will see evidence of a movement in the direction of your desired place of well-being.

How? By addressing ALL the self-talk and feelings and body sensations that come up around the pain, suffering, and the like. And what those pains remind you of.

Imagine a house that is packed to the brim with junk. The house may be fine, easy to keep clean in its natural state, but with all the junk, you can’t really clean it. So you take your time. You go room by room, clearing out the obstructions and what is “no longer useful.” You take the closets. Go behind the toilet and even the picture frames on the wall. You detail certain places so they sparkle. And before you know it, the house is quite a different place to live.

If EFT suffers from anything today, it is the pursuit of the One Minute Wonder. The videos are filled with people getting relief in moments. Yes, that is perfect. It shows a power to the technique that is unique.

But that isn’t how it is for my clients, and it “ain’t because I don’t know whatsa up.” Healing is a journey, and if the house (body/mind/spirit) is a disaster area beforehand, we just roll up our sleeves, whistle a tune we like, and tap tap tap. And persist. It ain’t gonna get any better unless we see it for what it is, and hold a vision for how it can be.

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