February 28, 2011 by Thriving Now Support

Tapping When You’re FIXATED On The Past!

It can be easy to let the stress, disappointments, and doubts from yesterday spill over into today… even if they have nothing to do with your present projects.

We can all learn from the past, but when we feel fixated on those failures, we may end up re-creating the very thing we want to avoid.

Case in point: The other day, Cathy was driving in heavy traffic. One of her pet peeves is when people hang out in her blind spot, and this silver car (the same color as the pavement) stayed there for over a mile. The funny thing was… because Cathy got so frustrated at the car and focused in on it being in her blind spot… once traffic cleared enough for her to move away from the car, she subconsciously kept her speed so that silver car was right in her blind spot!

She was so tuned to the “problem” that she didn’t see a possible solution for a number of blocks.

Once she remembered to do a bit of quick tapping, she noticed those options and moved from frustrated and disempowered to shagrinned… and then to calm, self-forgiving, and empowered.

If you find yourself stuck on what didn’t go right, blaming yourself won’t help. Noticing will. Tapping on this pattern and asking for help for a more positive focus can give you a whole new perspective!

Karate Chop: Even though I keep thinking of what went wrong yesterday, today is a whole new day, and I’m open to noticing all the possibilities around me.

Even though things didn’t go perfectly yesterday, I don’t have to be perfect to be loved and accepted, and I’m ready to find new solutions and insights today.

Even though I keep wanting to fixate on everything that went wrong, that’s just my mind trying to figure things out. I thank my brain and let it know it’s ok to focus MOSTLY on solutions rather than just the problems.

Top of the Head: Things didn’t go great yesterday.
Eyebrow: I keep remembering what went wrong.
Side of the Eye: I feel weighed down by the past.
Under the Eye: Stuck with the problems.
Under the Nose: That’s all I notice.
Chin: But today is a fresh new day.
Collarbone: I can have new solutions today.
Under the Arm: I sent out rockets of desire for something BETTER yesterday…

Top of the Head: Maybe the Universe sent me insights while I slept.
Eyebrow: My mind still is fixated on the problems,
Side of the Eye: But I’m ready to see surprisingly fun solutions.
Under the Eye: What if I don’t even have to solve yesterday’s problems?
Under the Nose: I can just work on today’s opportunities!
Chin: I’m ready to live today with fresh energy.
Collarbone: New insights.
Under the Arm: And a playful, curious attitude!
Top of the Head: Thanks, Universe! Can’t wait to see what we create today!

Take a deep breath.

What do you notice? Are there any rules you’re violating by letting go of yesterday and living for today? When did you learn them? Are they rules you value today or are they outdated and stale?

If you’d like some coaching on it, let us know! We love helping clients deepen their own clarity. Email us at: support@thrivingnow.com

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