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Spring Cleaning Your Clutter

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Clutter!!! Sometimes it seems to take on a life of its own. Does your “stuff” seem to multiply when you’re not looking? Is it stressing you out? Are you ready for a calm, organized home, office, life, and mind?

First, what is clutter? Clutter is… Any distraction that gets in the way of a thriving life.

Clutter can be any object, activity, or thought process that is unnecessary or causes distress in the location or situation it is currently in. For example, if you adore china dolls, and have 100 of them organized in a way that pleases you (even if might drive someone else to distraction), that is abundance not clutter.

On the other hand someone who loves lots of bare space might find a few bills on the desk to be clutter. You get to define what clutter is for yourself! If you notice that pile of papers, your inbox, or your calendar for the next week, and it causes distress, that’s clutter.

Let’s look at some of the reasons people end up with and keep clutter.
– I may need this later!
– Someone I love gave this to me.
– I can’t decide what to do with this…

Many of our blocks and resistances have their roots in early life and childhood trauma (even “little” traumas like throwing out something you needed later). Our video on Trauma and the Primitive Brain describes what happens in the brain when we feel trapped and disempowered as children.

We often keep things we don’t need because we fear we will not have enough. If we learned as children that there are not enough resources, we cling to our stuff and fear losing it. Tapping on those fears can help us allow abundance and establish a clutter free zone!

If we think love is rare and want to hold onto it, we may end up keeping objects that a loved one gave us long past the point of sanity. We know one person who has 3 dining room tables because they came from relatives. She can’t let them go because of her rules about how you treat gifts or inheritances from people you love. Of course, she can’t move around her house very well, either. Tapping on the fear of “too little love” may bring clarity and relief. Wouldn’t be nice to realize the love is already in our hearts and be able to make good, practical, life-enhancing decisions about possessions?

Deciding can be really difficult, especially if we have trauma around making decisions. It only takes one harsh experience for the primitive brain to get scared. Pile a few events up, and it can be TERRIFYING to make up your mind. If there were horrible consequences to decisions you made tapping on those memories can bring a lot of relief.

Of course, there are other reasons we hold onto clutter. Rick and Carol Look cover them extensively in Clearing Clutter with EFT

What are your reasons? They may vary from object to object! The nice thing is, the more you clear your energy system, the easier it is to clear the clutter from your life.

Let’s work on one item right now. Pick one small thing from your clutter pile. (It is often a good idea to start with something that isn’t particularly intense or emotional so you can build up your skill and confidence). One envelope, one bill, a pair of socks, whatever.

Just look at it and take a deep breath. Let’s do some tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I can’t decide what to do with this ____ (envelope, bill, socks…), and it is causing me distress, I am a good person and I’m open to clarity.

Even though this is frustrating and I feel stuck, I am clearing my energy as we speak, and I am willing to allow order and calm into my life.

Even though I am not sure what to do with this ____, it seems to be holding so much emotion for me, I allow the resistance to flow away so I can have clarity.

Top of the Head: I don’t know what to do with this!
Eyebrow: What will I lose if I give it away?
Side of the Eye: What will happen if I put it away?
Under the Eye: Or put it in the wrong place?
Under the Nose: I feel stuck!
Chin: What if I mess it up?
Collarbone: What if I never get another one?
Under the Arm: What if I can’t live without it?

Top of the Head: I do feel frustration at this clutter.
Eyebrow: Wouldn’t it feel nice to be organized?
Side of the Eye: I do have some emotions in this stuff.
Under the Eye: But I can tap on those feelings.
Under the Nose: I can handle these emotions.
Chin: Would it be ok if I just made my decision?
Collarbone: Could I feel loved without this?
Under the Arm: Am I safe without it?

Top of the Head: I don’t have to do it all at once.
Eyebrow: This is just one small piece.
Side of the Eye: I am releasing emotional clutter as we speak.
Under the Eye: Do I need this?
Under the Nose: Can I put it away?
Chin: Or give it away?
Under the Arm: And still be me?
Top of the Head: I am so glad I have more clarity and just a bit more order.

Take a deep breath and notice what’s coming up for you. Are you ready to put that item away? Or give it away to a person or charity or recycling center?

Or would it help to do more tapping? What feelings and thoughts are coming up for you?

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