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Spread Ideas That Matter

Spread Ideas That Matter 1
Emotional Freedom for All
Spread Ideas That Matter

Ideas spread. Virally even. 

Someone once had the idea that the Earth was flat. The idea spread over eons... and some people are still convinced it’s true no matter the evidence.

Others had the idea that the Earth was formed on the back of a turtle. (I love turtles. If I’m going to spread a mythology, it’s that one.)

Spread Ideas That Matter 2

More than 100 years old turtle, Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland | Photography by Sean Scott

Ideas spread. They can even spread like viruses as one person “exposes” the idea to many others.

What does this mean during this time of pandemic?

To me as an Emotional World Environmentalist, it means that amidst the viral spread of panic, we can spread ideas than de-escalate fear.

What de-escalates fear?

I so wish I could say there was any one thing that worked for everyone. There isn’t. What I can say is that I know there are certain ideas that when backed by emotional presence spread farther and wider than mere words ever can.

Let’s take this one:

We’re In This Together

Imagine that someone just posts that on Facebook. “We’re In This Together.” Okay. A nice sentiment and reminder. I don’t feel a lot from that quite honestly, even if it displays on a rich purple background.

Spread Ideas That Matter 3

Now imagine you see a picture (and maybe you already have) of someone who took their Little Free Library and converted it into a Little Free Pantry filled with a variety of non-perishable foods. And what if they added: “We’re In This Together.”

Spread Ideas That Matter 4

For me I get spiritual tingles when I connect the sharing of food in such a way with the energy of We’re In This Together. We’re taking the idea of a Little Free Pantry and spreading it. We’re including with that the energy from the emotional world, the truth of life in community and the planet: We’re In This Together. We ARE!

Such ideas can and do spread. I’m seeing and sensing more and more of this, and it gives my heart hope for the other side of this global experience.

My invitation is for us to:

Spread Ideas That Matter

Ideas that matter to YOU. Ideas that speak to your heart, that tickle your mind, that evoke your creativity, that support you being more bold with your heartistry. Spread those ideas. Put emotional energy behind them!

What happens when you do?

You get the immense pleasure in seeing the ideas you share spread and mutate in beautiful ways! You’ll start noticing how it starts showing up in more and more places.

For example, I believe that Gliding Scale is an idea worth spreading. I’ve been part of spreading that idea for a while.

During this crisis (and also before), I am seeing more and more people offering payment flexibility when they can, recognizing that financial vulnerability and insecurity affect almost all humans at some point in their lives. (It certainly has for me.) I’ve loved seeing Pay-from-the-Heart, No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds, By Donation, Pay-what-you-can, and more.

Yet, someone else had a different ideaprobably with some confirming examples–that people don’t value what they don’t pay a LOT for. That idea lead to the idea that you need to charge Many, MANY thousands of dollars for something valuable – like coaching, or a college education – or else… “people won’t value it.” They also tack on that you shouldn’t “devalue yourself by charging less than you’re worth.” These ideas have spread, too, perhaps because they find fertile minds within the dominant culture.

It isn’t that those ideas are utterly meritless. I want people to feel valued! I want people to live a thriving life with abundance! Indeed, it’s my hope that my ideas around the gliding scale help to offer an alternative viewpoint... one where ability to pay and the amount charged are not what determine value and worthiness.

I can tell you with absolute certainty from thousands of experiences now that how someone shows up and and how much they value what I do does not correlate with how much they pay me… or CAN pay me. Nor does how much I charge determine my value as a loving and generous human being. To me it is obvious in my experience. So, I share this idea and want it to spread:

Your Beauty and Worth are NOT defined
by how much you can afford to pay.

Spread Ideas That Matter 5

Is that an idea you want to spread? If so, awesome! Please do. Maybe you can implement it even within a slice of your business. And if not, no problem! It will spread… or not. I’m just doing my part and inviting others to explore what’s true for them.

In a world where there is ideally Emotional Freedom for All, there will always be a multitude of ideas.

The ones that we want to help craft and co-create our culture going forward need conscious spreading AND cultivation.

During this time when panic is rampant in the emotional world, there are also those who are using Zoom and Facebook Live... making up improv songs and poetry, inviting people into their basement to workout "together" via video, and so much more.

I want to encourage us to share things that help us experience connection.

I want to spread possibilities for all of us to be more generous with our art and our heart.

It nourishes me in ways I can’t even describe to see people I care about use this time to activate the Impulse to share more of themselves… especially when their energy and ideas get spread by those connected to them. Even as ideas mutate, such beauty can arise.

I invite you today… and for the rest of our days… Spread Ideas That Matter.

After all… We’re In This Together.

Spread Ideas That Matter 6

Until next time, I'm Rick at Thrivingnow. What’s an idea that matters that you want to spread? My inbox is open at Rick@EmotionalFreedom.Love. Or visit EmotionalFreedom.Love and leave a comment for all of us to share. We also have a Facebook group you’d be welcome to join. Thanks for listening.

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  • In the audio I forgot to add that the improv poems/songs and workout from the basement were happening remotely by things like Zoom and Facebook Live. Fixed in the text above. 🙂

    • I had a very powerful experience yesterday morning that proved to me energetic connection is real. My Mom & I used to have Happy Hour every evening and since she passed I continue to toast her and thank her at Happy Hour. Recently, I’ve been asking her to please watch over us…
      Then, yesterday morning my neighbor across the street texted me that Mom had come to see her when she was deeply asleep…just wanting to chat out on the porch…reassuring her that everything is going to be alright…Sending energetic love to us all!

      • Energetic Love to Us All! You highlight that rituals and practices that connect us make it feel natural (because I feel it IS natural) to connect beyond “barriers” of time, space, and physicality. Thank you Norene for sharing a bit of your energetic world experience with us! ~Rick

  • I am spreading the idea you so warmly presented that a sliding scale is inherently valuable and does not negatively effect one’s self-worth. It has been a shift for me to accept payment – any payment – on a sliding scale, vs 100% pro bono. To date it has been a win-win for both me and [most] clients. Yea! It lets both of us be generous.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Dave! From my earliest tests I found that allowing for an energy exchange really feels good. Even $5 allows us to buy a small bag of avocados that fit our dietary needs. People know that living takes “supplies” and those supplies don’t always take money but they usually do. It’s why I seek something that feels “generous and balanced for us BOTH.” <3

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