February 11, 2017 by Thriving Now Support

Self-Sabotage: I Don’t Deserve What I Want

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Have you been struggling to reach your goals? …Even though you have a clear picture of what you want? Subconscious fears and beliefs may be getting in your way!

If part of you thinks you would lose something valuable if you get what you want (like security, safety, comfort), your subconscious or primitive brain may be blocking your progress. For example, if you believe as some level that financial abundance requires working 80 hours a week and being exhausted all the time… you’ll stop yourself. If falling in love means having your heart shattered or losing the right to your own opinions, why in the world would you want to do that?!?

The sabotaging belief may make no sense to your conscious thinking brain. You may have “learned” the limiting belief when you were very young. (A lot of times as children, we’ll make intuitive leaps or guesses, and these childhood decisions don’t necesarily serve us well as adults.) You may not even be aware that those beliefs are there!

These subconscious blocks can be hard to track down. With Energy Tapping (EFT) you can shift them pretty quickly once you find them. But how do you find them?

Pay attention to your body. If you’re tapping and you’re not paying attention to how your body feels, you’re missing key infomation. If you learned “I don’t deserve what I want” at the age of one and a half, it didn’t come in words. And it may not even come in a memory you can put your finger on right away. But by paying attention to your body, you can identify the hidden beliefs.

One of the reasons people don’t succeed is because some part of them doesn’t believe they deserve to have success. It could be because you spilled grape juice on the carpet when you were 2, or that you felt too needy when you were 3. Whatever it is, it may be holding you back now.

Try saying out loud, “I don’t deserve to get what I want.” Notice how it feels in your body when you say that.

Now say “I do deserve to get what I want.” Is there any tension or pain anywhere? Any resistance? Heavy feeling?

Those could be places in your body that are holding onto this limiting belief for you. If you have a particular memory that comes up around this, great. If not, no problem. Just notice where you feel the resistance in your body, and give it a number from 0 (no intensity) to 10 (OUCH!).

Karate chop: Even though I don’t deserve what I want, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though I must not deserve to get what I want, just like back then, and it hasn’t shown up now, so I must not deserve it.

Even though I feel this belief in my ______ (stomach, heart, head…), I deeply and completely acknowledge and respect all of my feelings.

Top of the Head: I don’t deserve what I want.
Eyebrow: I must not deserve what I want.
Side of the Eye: Or I would have gotten it.
Under the Eye: I never get what I want.
Under the Nose: I must not deserve it.
Chin: I’m convinced I don’t deserve it.
Collarbone: A part of me is convinced I don’t deserve it.
Under the Arm: What if I don’t deserve it?

Top of the Head: What if I do?
Eyebrow: I don’t deserve it.
Side of the Eye: Yes I do!
Under the Eye: No I don’t!
Under the Nose: They don’t think so…
Chin: Just ask them!
Collarbone: I don’t think so.
Under the Arm: Just ask me.

Top of the Head: Yes I do!
Eyebrow: No I don’t.
Side of the Eye: Oh yes I do!
Under the Eye: No I don’t.
Under the Nose: I don’t deserve it… do I?
Chin: I’ve got a long list of reasons.
Collarbone: A long boring list of reasons.
Under the Arm: I think I inherited some of these reasons.

Top of the Head: Some of these reasons are really old and dusty.
Eyebrow: If they were bananas they’d be gross.
Side of the Eye: They’re really old.
Under the Eye: I think I can throw these out.
Under the Nose: I don’t have to chew on these anymore.
Chin: I deserve fresh dreams.
Collarbone: And wonderful manifestations.
Under the Arm: I’m in the process of knowing I deserve what I want.
Top of the Head: And that feels like relief.

Take a deep breath, and shake your hands out.

Say out loud, “I deserve to get what I want,” and notice how true it is for you now on a scale of 0 to 10. You may want to jot down any thoughts, beliefs, or memories that came up during the tapping so you can do some more work on them later. Also, tune into any feelings of relief you feel. Just be with them for a minute as your vibration shifts and improves.

Working through subconscious beliefs alone can be challenging. Getting guidance from a friend, recordings, or a coach can make the process much faster and smoother.

If you want help working through your blocks, check out our new program on Self-Sabotage: Removing Your Sub-Conscious Blocks.

And our group coaching program is a great way to receive support for these issues.

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