September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now

Relieving Travel Stress and Fears with EFT

I am about to travel overseas and I always find going through airports extremely stressful although I am not quite sure why it disturbs me so much… How can I use EFT to help me feel better about the trip?

With such experiences, you can walk through the event step-by-step, making note of where you “are” and what you “feel”:

1) I am ready to go to the airport, I feel ______ in my _______.
2) I am riding to the airport. I feel ____ in my _______.
3) I am pulling up at the airport. I feel ____ in my ______.
4) …

So, if in #1 you feel queasy in your gut, use EFT on that feeling:

“Even though I feel queasy in my gut as I am ready to go to the airport, I deeply and completely accept myself!” could be the set-up phrase, and use “this queasy feeling in my gut” on each of the EFT tapping points. You might also try:

“Even though I feel queasy in my gut as I am ready to go to the airport, I CHOOSE to be calm and CONFIDENT anyway!”

Be thorough. Take each part of the journey in baby steps. Notice both sights, sounds, smells, and any body sensations that chime up for attention. Use EFT on each aspect. When you are done, it has been my experience working with clients through this process that you can typically vividly imagine yourself going through the process and, indeed, feeling calm and confident.

When you start the physical actions of going to the airport for the journey, you CAN notice that new aspects show up. You didn’t remember and tap on the long wait, or the long jetway filled with people. That’s okay! Tap right then. Believe me, people around you will appreciate that you are becoming more calm and confident. Say the words to yourself, and just gently tap. And you will feel quick relief, especially if you have been thorough in this preparation process.

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