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NO! You Can’t Make Me!

When we demonstrate our own personal power to resist and say NO, we feel in control. And that feels good. Yet, sometimes we resist that which is our own stated best interest. We say NO to ourselves! We say NO to our own positive choices.

Frustrated? Use EFT Tapping!

Frustrated? Who or what caused it? Where is it located in your body? Is it a pain in your neck? A tension in your stomach? A tense jaw? Let’s do EFT Tapping together to bring relief to your Frustration!

Releasing The Fear of Disappointment

Fear of disappointment can FREEZE people in their tracks! The fear of someone saying no can stop people from asking for what they want. Do you feel hesitant or afraid of being hurt when you…

Letting Joy Into Your Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be full of laughter and joy, aren’t they? I remember the promise of a glittering tree, brightly wrapped packages, warm cookies baking. As children, we were willing to dream and enjoy the wonder-filled moments of the season. As adults, we’ve been conditioned to put ourselves last. To check off the list and

Re-Freshed… Learn EFT Tapping Course

Twenty-two years ago, I really needed emotional resilience. The dot-com “bust” had everyone freaked in my industry. Layoffs and more were happening. I was telecommuting 3 timezones away while homeschooling two kids.EFT Tapping upgraded my wiring and gave me stability I never imagined.I used Tapping before meetings. I used Tapping while I paid my bills. I used

Our Clients Say…

We’ve had the honor of working with over 1500 clients in the past six years in groups such as the Thriving Now Team and in individual private sessions. To receive testimonials like these is deeply touching. We feel blessed to have so many people in our lives who can express gratitude and appreciation so beautifully. Thank you all! And thanks also to many, many more whose private stories of transformation we will treasure forever.

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