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Little Things to Help You Feel Loved

Ever notice how changing small things can feel like a bother? Too much work for the reward? Silly example… Whenever I zoom, I put on a bit of makeup. I think the definition makes understanding emotions on video easier. For years I’ve had a scratchy brush to put on blush. Every time I notice the brush is

Emotional Postures

“Worried” and “angry” are emotional postures. So are peevish, cynical, critical, lonely, unmotivated, ignored, friendless, untrusting, not-good-enough, unappreciated, and unloved. Let’s also include overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, and stressed. If a person demonstrates such a state of being on a consistent basis, it is an emotional posture. It has become how the person stands and relates to the world. EFT and our group coaching program can help you establish new, self-empowered emotional postures.

Savoring Simple Uplifts

Are you needing an uplift? A simple uplift is the type of thing that is available, I believe, to anyone anywhere. Simple says that it doesn’t have to be Big. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All the conditions don’t have to be perfect. And it can still be savored and give us a pleasurable boost.

The Immense Value in NEUTRAL

When you’re distressed, can you shift to neutral with confidence and ease? I didn’t realize for a long time that this is a SKILL… a skill that can be cultivated and become one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to ourselves and those around us. People talk about wanting to be Happy. They

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