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Attracting Abundance with EFT – Review of Carol Look’s Book

As an emotional freedom coach, I find that many clients have anxiety and worry around money and success. Inside, they know they have not reached their potential for financial abundance. They have resistance, fears, guilt, past failures, inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs about money that block their ability to allow well-being to flow into their lives. I highly recommend this book to my clients.

Clearing Clutter Allows Abundance…

by Carol Look – Have you ever noticed that the clutter in your life — too much stuff in your office, a schedule filled with appointments you don’t want, extra weight or pain in your body, or friendships and acquaintances that are no longer a vibrational match for you — gets in the way of your attracting abundance? Well, you’re right, it does!

Carol Look – EFT Tapping & Attracting Abundance

EFT Master Carol Look is the international EFT leader in the fields of attracting abundance, clarity, clearing limiting beliefs, weight loss, pain relief, stress relief, and procrastination. I particularly recommend her e-book, Attracting Abundance with EFT, to ALL my clients.

Free EFT Tapping Point Diagrams

FREE, high quality EFT Tapping Point Diagrams showing the location of the tapping points for your website or handouts for personal or commercial use as long as you leave the copyright and reprint information on the images.

Pain Relief – Trauma and Pain – Day 2

Discover how past traumas, both big and small, can influence your pain today. Learn how to identify these hidden triggers and gain valuable insights to set yourself on the path to lasting relief and the freedom you deserve.

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