December 1, 2022 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Re-Freshed… Learn EFT Tapping Course

Twenty-two years ago, I really needed emotional resilience. The dot-com "bust" had everyone freaked in my industry. Layoffs and more were happening. I was telecommuting 3 timezones away while homeschooling two kids.

EFT Tapping upgraded my wiring and gave me stability I never imagined.

I used Tapping before meetings. I used Tapping while I paid my bills. I used it when flights were cancelled. I used it around my big feelings about war.

My emotional world changed. It boosted the impacts of meditation and journaling I had already been doing. It helped me be regulated even around others who were scared. (They tried not to show it, but my empath-circuits knew the truth.)

And here we are, humans again with significant challenges.We all need or emotional technology that serves us -- and benefits those we hold dear, too.

 That's why Cathy and I have gone back and re-worked what has helped introduce over 100,000 people to emotional freedom...

We've now refreshed and updated our Free Learn EFT Tapping Guide into an online course you and your friends can step through bit by bit (along with an updated PDF and new ePub downloads for book readers). 

Click Here to Access the Course 

(You don't need to register, and neither will your friends.To reliably track your progress, an account login is helpful. You can get one here for free - donations appreciated but not required.)

We would LOVE your feedback on the new e-book and course. Is there anything you'd like to see us add?

Would you be willing to share this with friends? That would be awesome.

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The first Module, Transform Your Emotions with EFT Tapping is also available on Amazon in Kindle and Print formats that can be gifted

Re-Freshed... Learn EFT Tapping Course 3

We hope you and those whose thriving you hold dear will find this uplifting and balancing.

With smiles and love,

Rick & Cathy
Your Emotional Freedom Coaches
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