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Emotional Freedom for All
Emotional Freedom for All
Don’t Settle for Just Feeling Fine
  • Don’t Settle for Just Feeling Fine

    Don’t Settle for Just Feeling Fine

    Mar 6, 2023 • 08:06

    I spent a lot of years answering the greeting, “How are you doing?” with “fine"—when I wasn't. I was dying.

  • Instead of Fixing… Allowing

    Instead of Fixing… Allowing

    Feb 6, 2023 • 09:39

    The unseen, inner intelligence that keeps our heart beating is the same intelligence that can restore our health-even if that restoration will take a miracle. But this is not an intelligence that can be forced. It defies our attempts to "fix" and cut corners. In the years that I've observed…

  • Resolved: I Choose To Feel Good!

    Resolved: I Choose To Feel Good!

    Feb 19, 2023 • 07:56

    So often when we set life goals or make resolutions, they are around either Big Things We Want or Big Things We Must FIX. I propose you join me in a different kind of personal FOCUS: I Choose To Feel Good!

  • NO! You Can't Make Me!

    NO! You Can't Make Me!

    Jan 6, 2023 • 09:22

    When we demonstrate our own personal power to resist and say NO, we feel in control. And that feels good. Yet, sometimes we resist that which is our own stated best interest. We say NO to ourselves! We say NO to our own positive choices.

  • Grounding Exercises – Regain Your Balance and Composure

    Grounding Exercises – Regain Your Balance and Composure

    Aug 27, 2022 • 13:51

    (FREE Audio) When we start reconnecting with the body, sometimes we can find triggers that feel overwhelming. Here are some techniques that help us regain some balance and regroup. This audio covers what it means to be grounded along with some basic grounding techniques.

  • Spiritual Growth with EFT

    Spiritual Growth with EFT

    Mar 17, 2023 • 49:59

    I was invited to write the chapter on Spiritual Growth with EFT for the book, Freedom at Your Fingertips. As a special bonus for you, here is a PDF of that chapter along with an audio recording of me reading the book and doing the tapping sequences.

  • Be an Emotional World Environmentalist

    Be an Emotional World Environmentalist

    Dec 22, 2019 • 05:31

    How might our Emotional World clean-up and detox if more of us identified as Environmentalists? What does that even mean? I hope you'll listen and join us.

  • Stress Relief in We-Space

    Stress Relief in We-Space

    Dec 29, 2019 • 09:49

    Consider that the most potent value of stress relief isn't just for your individual body, mind, and spirit – your me-space – but for the We-Space… the space we share. And it doesn't have to take more than 11 seconds.

  • Magic in Co-Regulation

    Magic in Co-Regulation

    Jan 3, 2020 • 09:00

    Co-regulation connects us together. Indeed, the feeling of Togetherness comes alive when we’re co-regulating. It is nourishing magic for the soul. Includes a 3-minute co-regulation exercise you can do on your own.

  • There’s Poop in the Soup

    There’s Poop in the Soup

    Jan 11, 2020 • 06:38

    Obligation… it’s like poop in the emotional soup. How often do you feel trapped by obligation? Could devotion and healthy boundaries bring better emotional hygiene to your world?

Emotional Freedom for All ~ Podcast 1

Emotional Freedom means we have sufficient safety, respect, and skill to stay present and engaged with life… whatever is happening… without reacting from our primitive brain with fight, flight, or freeze.

And right now such freedom is rare… as rare as taking a deep breath free of pollution… or having a connection with others where you really feel like your unfiltered Authentic Self.

You're invited to explore with me and our community how to make emotional freedom a core experience at home, at work, and in the world we all share.

I'm Rick Wilkes, Emotional Freedom Coach at Thriving Now. If you'd like to learn more and be a part of this Emotional Freedom for All intention, listen in, subscribe, comment below, and join us!

Emotional Freedom for All ~ Podcast 2

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    • Your analogy of becoming environmentalists not only for our planet but for our emotional world as well evokes such possibilities in me! After seeing the evolving awareness and actions that have taken place since the first Earth Day, I am hopeful that everyone becomes aware that there are ways to process emotional pollution in our own lives too. Thank you, Rick for being the John Muir of Emotional Freedom for All.

  • Angelsloveyou says:

    Rick, your podcast message was rich, deep, and delicious. Yes there is a lot of emotional crap out there and It would be so wonderful if more of us learned to be emotional environmentalists. Coming together like we do here to process our emotions in healthy ways is so freeing and healing. It is so much better to be vulnerable by feeling our emotions instead of stuffing them and making ourselves sick as I used to do. Thank you for creating this safe space for us to heal and grow. I’m looking forward to listening to this podcast again and to hear your future ones.


  • Steve Kline says:

    Good stuff and great timing, Rick. I signed up on spotify

  • Wow…this podcast on Stress relief in the We-Space is so timely! I realized I was the “grounded presence” (even though it was via the phone) for All My Children as they experienced, yet once again, being at their father/grandfather’s house over the Christmas holiday. I am so grateful that I chose not to join them; if I had, I think I would have very possibly been more of that clump of “frozen” energy over in the corner rather than the “grounded presence” bringing calm and a bit of laughter to a space that was anything but loving, understanding, and inclusive. Thanks for creating this podcast!

    • Yay!! So glad you were able to be that for All Your Children that way. I know for me, the +++contrast+++ has been a great teacher of emotional freedom (and what it can feel like when practiced consciously). Love to you and your family for 2020 and beyond!

  • Angelsloveyou says:

    This stress relief in the we space is awesome Rick! What a wonderful idea to ground myself around other people (the we space) to help my primitive brain know that I am safe. It might take me a little practice because I often just want to run. It is worth learning. I can envision this working in a doctor’s office instead of getting anxious or waiting in lines at phone stores, grocery stores and the like. Thank you for creating this stress relief podcast for us, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

    • I’m definitely noticing within myself that when I consciously intend that my own stress relief is something I am sharing with the We-Space, it is easier for me to calm down. Interesting, eh? Thanks for your comment… so appreciated to hear from folks. <3

  • Rick’s voice always makes me relax and take a few steps up on the emotional ladder. In combination with his empathy, wisdom, and humour he has created the perfect podcast for us who seek and want to contribute to a kind, warm, and emotionally healthy world. Hugs and thanks!

    • Hi Simone. Your words “he has created the perfect podcast for us who seek and want to contribute to a kind, warm, and emotionally healthy world” so resonated for me. Great to hear from you.

  • Thanks for the co-regulation! I needed that 🙂 Love these podcasts, a gift to give myself. xo Carol

  • For years, I was fully devoted to my mother and her needs. Then anger and resentment crept in until they took over completely. I tried talking to her about creating a mutually beneficial relationship, but her response to this was bitter and angry. I guess when this is a generational legacy, we can become righteously determined to have our turn! Thank you for helping me to see and understand how little poop it takes to ruin what may be a very good soup. I wish I had understood this earlier, with my mother, but it’s just in time for my relationships with my own children. Now as much as I dislike the “fun” conversations with my kids about obligation and expectation, I know they’re an investment in having healthy, happy long-standing relationships with them! And I also understand that these conversations are important for creating any kind of healthy relationship (I’ve started celebrating people saying NO to me!). This is priceless information that you share with us, Rick!! I love being in the Thriving Now Circle!

    • Angelsloveyou says:

      Oh Cindy, I went through the same thing with my mother and her needs. I would try to talk to her about my needs and thought she understood until the next time she warned me about all the bad things that could happen if I followed my dreams. Yes a lot of soup I tried to make got pooped in. I actually had to tell mother I couldn’t talk to her anymore until she stopped her negativity and she had her husband turn all my pictures to the wall. I had to walk away to save myself. How wonderful to have our circle here to learn how to have healthier relationships, learn to say no more, and begin to discover our real and wonderful selves. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  • Angelsloveyou says:

    Beautiful Rick! I cried all the way through it and tapped too. I was called “Quiver lip”, “harelip” and more. So yes name calling does hurt. I mal-adapted by putting almost all my energy into being “the good, girl, smiling and putting on a brave front.” I also became as invisible as can be, putting my Light under a bushel smothered by a wet blanket and covered in dead dreams. Yes I have come forth much more since being a member on Thriving now, which has opened me up to feeling safer but I have become so aware of those dead dreams too.
    Thank you for being you and being so vulnerable. I am so glad you created this safe space for us in the circle.


    • Thank you so much Jean, for helping me tune into your life’s journey, what you’ve experienced, and getting to know your courage and expressions, like you gifted all of us with on the call today. Love to you!

  • Potted lemon tree. What a wonderful metaphor, Rick. YOUR heartistry is blooming in these podcasts. So glad for you, and for us lucky people in the Circle.

  • Wow! I have thought the inner critic I hear was the voice of my mother – who had the habit of being critical. Amazing to hear there is a related but different explanation that I can do something about – discern whether or not I deserve criticism for something. I guess it would be possible to say we never deserve criticism as it doesn’t serve us well?

    • It’s a really good question, Leila. Do we ever “deserve” criticism?

      I know most of the time “criticism” seems to have an edge to it, a cutting edge. Constructive criticism is a thing, yet most of the time that too can have an edge.

      At the same time, I want to grow, adapt, and improve! For example, I have loving kind people in my life who might say something like: “Have you considered ______ as a possible improvement?” Or, “I’m noticing when you ____ that you appear frustrated? Is that true, and are you open to brainstorming other possibilities together?”

      It’s not just the words here, it’s the energy of kindness interwoven with a deep respect for me and my true nature of wanting to make it better for me… and the We-Space I share with others.

      Is that criticism then?

  • Tanvi Punjabi says:

    M too trying to learn to discern @my deserving critisim…specially my inner critic which seem to have taken over a lot of my true buddy within…for me it were my mom, sis and added to them has been my husband…even though faintly they seem changing yet it hardly works as balm because of the sevear damaging effects which has already been caused…

    • It really is severely damaging. And the recover seems to require a devotion to self that the abuse actually makes it REALLY difficult to access! For me it wasn’t until I was nearly dying that I devoted the attention to emotional healing that I really needed in order to thrive. That was nearly 30 years ago. I do see each year people make the shift, where for 20 minutes a day they journal and tap and meditate and move for their own restoration. They practice body awareness and celebrate the small wins where they let others have THEIR feelings, and take baby steps to finding safer/braver spaces where they can acknowledge their emotional truth.

      Thank you for sharing that here with us, Tanvi! ~Rick

      • YESS! m going to be coming back and reading your replies again n again to stay committed. I know i have to and this ‘HAVE TO’ is good unlike other ‘have to(s)’ which denote b/w unhelpful perfectionism.

  • Tanvi Punjabi says:

    ‘Fault-finding warps our sense of what is ours and what is theirs and what is the Divine’s…..’ this is hugest effect…and m not being able to live a lively life…undeservingness, self doubt, non decsisevness….the list can go on and on..the worst part being pooerest parent…i can mostly see whats going wrong and yet not able to handle it…the freeze response is spoiling it all…

    • The freeze response is HARD — like ICE! Warming up seems to be helped by BODY centered approaches, like tapping and grounding and movement and hands-on-body presence. Are you doing any of those things as a regular practice?

      • i was doing it and then after a gap of not doing them getting back to regular eft n grounding(working with pots n plants n hands in soil, Om chanting, breathing exercises). Reading this msg from you is making me realise why i have(unconsciously) loved dance n why exercising made me ‘feel’ good.

        Being affirmed n guided by you is very precious n encouraging.

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