September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Persistent energy exercise needed for chronic conditions

One of the challenges with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other long term systemic conditions is that the energy system is often weak. If you think of muscles atrophying after a year in a hospital bed, you get the picture.

Therefore, any approach for a chronic condition, I feel, needs to incorporate a broad range of persistent support for energy health. That means PERSISTENT EFT tapping, when you feel good, as well as when you feel bad. If there is music that makes you feel good, tap along with the music! Sing as you tap! Zippity do da, zippty-eh, my oh my I’d love to have a great day! Plenty of sunshine coming my way. Zippty do dah, zippity eh.

You also really need visualization, guided meditations, and other practices that raise your vibration. Working with energetic bodywork professionals can make a big difference. If you feel great after a massage, start tapping in gratitude and appreciation to your body, and you will often notice fewer side effects and that the work is longer lasting.

For many with fibromyalgia, even five minutes without pain is a blessing. If tapping gives you that, then keep tapping and express gratitude for the short relief and the reminder of what good health feels like.

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