September 3, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Is it okay if I do tapping (EFT) for different things one after the other?

Q. Is it okay if I do tapping for different things one after the other – for example for more money/abundance, then weight loss, then safety and anxiety…?  Does this confuse the issue?

When I first started teaching tapping, I recommended that you Persist Until You Get to Zero. And that’s great for all the reasons mentioned in that audio tip. At the same time, I also trust that the body-mind can lead us from issue to issue, aspect to aspect, in a way that beautifully addresses our core issues gently over time.

When you have multiple issues… money, love, self-image, pain… I’d suggest that you stay open to BOTH the here-there-everywhere tapping sessions… and focused sessions (perhaps with a coach) where you take specific events, traumas, or beliefs about yourself and go deep.

Here-there-everywhere is a bit like your morning routine… brush teeth, shave, sit a bit, shower, deodorant, dress, brush, polish. Deep, focused tapping is more like getting a haircut, manicure, massage, or a mole removed. Both have their place.

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