August 27, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Nothing is More Important than NOW

“Make up your mind that nothing is more important than how I feel now, because now is everything. Now is the whole enchilada. Now is the power of me. Now, now, now, now, now… You might as well start somewhere, and it might as well be now. Why not start improving your life now, now, now?” —Abraham-Hicks

Most suffering is amplified when we have regrets and guilts about the past, or feel hopeless about the future. Even in the midst of chronic illness, the NOW is often filled with some pretty good stuff.

I worked with a 9-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. As I touched and soothed his body through massage therapy and energy work, we talked about how much of his body was working really, really well. His muscles in his arms. His brain. His Heart. Even though he woke this morning and had a “bad time” on the toilet, the parts of his body working well vastly outshines (from my perspective) that which is still coming back into balance.

And in the present moment, in the NOW, we can touch and be touched. We can laugh. We can learn. We can focus on thoughts that feel good. We can dream. And we can be fully present with simple pleasures like being with someone we care about—even if that “being with” is a spiritual presence and not in strictly physical form.

God is always found in the Now. If we wait until we’re rich enough, well enough, strong enough, or worthy enough, we’ll never feel that connection. That connection is God’s PRESENT, a gift from All That Is to the leading-edge co-creator that is YOU. It’s yours, right NOW. So you can really experience the joy of THRIVING… NOW.

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