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Echoes From The Past – Karl Dawson on Matrix Reimprinting

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Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli talk with Karl Dawson about his Matrix Reimprinting technique. Many people think of this as “inner children” work. Karl calls them “echoes” instead, partially because they can be any age. This technique is a great way to address core issues, including those with very young roots which may not be easily accessable another way.

  • Karl gives an overview of Matrix ReImprinting.
  • Some of the questions we asked:
    • How did you get involved with EFT?
    • How did this technique evolve?
    • Some people have difficulty using the technique because they fear that they sound like they have “multiple personalities”. Do you have a reframe for that?
    • How do you help calm inner children that are very distressed?
    • Can you do this technique by yourself?
  • Karl demonstrates the technique.

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There is also a YouTube clip showing the technique. You can either watch it here or at:

Karl Dawson EFT Master
EFT Master Practitioner and AAMET Trainer

Karl was originally inspired to learn EFT for his own physical and emotional health, which has since transformed dramatically. He has also been instrumental in the transformation of countless of others through one to one sessions, EFT Practitioner trainings, and his own specialty course: EFT for Serious Disease.

Having trained over 500 practitioners in EFT, the success of Karl’s training courses has been based on his honest and down-to-earth approach, his extensive knowledge in his field and his passion for sharing the EFT technique.

Over the past few years Karl’s extensive work in his field has led him to create a revolutionary new technique which is a a major advancement on the original EFT protocol. He has called his new technique Matrix Reimprinting.
Based on the principles of quantum physics, the technique allows you to release the intensity around any past situation, with incredible speed and ease.

Transforming the relationship to the past using the Matrix Reimprinting technique creates an unparalleled difference in health and well being in the present moment. Results have included the resolution of long-term health conditions such as CFS/ME, bipolar affective disorder, asthma and eczema; resolving the grief around the loss of loved ones; and transformation of feelings around severe abuse cases, to name but a few.

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