July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

I Forgive Myself For Not Sleeping

Do you blame yourself when you don’t get enough sleep?

From “one more tv show,” or “one more page of a book”…To not being able to tell that chatty friend you had to go… To the tossing and turning because of a racing mind that just won’t shut up… Most of us have spent a too short, too restless night, and had that painful morning wake up.

I personally hate that feeling when the alarm goes off and my body aches from lack of sleep. The bleary eyes, brain fog, the dragging feeling of my body as I push myself to get out of bed.

Those are the days I would reach for sugary treats, to get myself going and to reward myself and sweeten a day that seemed to last forever.

One of the things that used to make those exhausted days even harder was the blame I heaped on myself.

My inner talk wasn’t very nice! “You deserve this!”, “Look what you did to yourself!”, “You can’t do anything right… Even sleep!”

Tired woman in front of computerI would fight myself to stay awake during meetings (embarrassingly, I did nod off a few times!), and I was afraid I might fall asleep at the wheel and hurt someone else. I hated how my lack of energy and fuzzy brain made everything take forever to get done!

I’m not saying I never have those mornings anymore. I do sometimes play more than I “should.” But most of the time I have great sleep. Really restful and enjoyable space to renew.

I love how much easier my days are. I’d almost gotten used to feeling exhausted all the time, so having a rested mind and the focus to get things done efficiently and well felt amazing.

If you could forgive yourself for lack of sleep, would you?

One of the reasons a lot of people have trouble forgiving… Well, it’s like when someone says they’re sorry and keeps repeating the same pattern.

We invite you to forgive yourself AND change your patterns.

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So let’s do some tapping on releasing the blame!

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve blamed myself for not getting enough sleep, for letting myself and others down, I choose to release the blame and make a difference going forward.

Even though I’ve been mad at me for not doing a better job of getting rest, I choose to forgive myself and look for empowered solutions rather than blame and conflict.

Even though I hate that I didn’t get more sleep, I allow myself to enjoy the rest I am getting now, and appreciate myself when I do get good rest.

Top of the Head: I’m so sorry!
Eyebrow: I wish I’d done a better job.
Side of the Eye: I sometimes messed up and didn’t get enough sleep.
Under the Eye: I made mistakes.
Under the Nose: I did the best I could.
Chin: I’m learning how to do things better.
Collarbone: And I’m going to do a better job in the future.
Under the Arm: I allow myself to release the blame.

Top of the Head: I find compassion and gentle understanding.
Eyebrow: I did the best I could based on where I was.
Side of the Eye: And I’m learning a better way.
Under the Eye: Blame doesn’t help.
Under the Nose: Understanding does.
Chin: I choose to understand where these patterns come from.
Collarbone: I bring healing and love to the problem.
Under the Arm:  I forgive me for the tired mornings,
Top of the Head: And the restless nights.

Take a deep breath.

What do you notice? Can you forgive yourself?

If you could learn to sleep better, and could really release the blame- how would that make your life better? How would it help your confidence and ease?

If you’re ready to make sleep an art… To give yourself the gift of powerful sleep, please join us! The program closes today, so jump on board while there’s still time!

Cathy and Rick

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