June 9, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

I can’t tell if the Sleep Now Program is right for me… What can I do?

We’ve had a number of people email and ask if they should buy the Sleep Now Program or not. They have various concerns and reasons why this might not be for them.

I personally think its an amazing program — I love what Rick and I are creating and allowing through us…

That said, there is a really easy way to get clarity.

thinking-woman-deciding-on-yes-or-noTake a slow deep breath and wiggle your toes. Get as present with your body as you can.

Remember a time you made a decision that felt really good. A Body Yes. Notice how your body feels. It might feel open, awake, tingly… Whatever that “YES Feeling” is for you.

Now take another deep breath and remember at time that you made a decision that felt bad. A Body No. Notice how your body feels. Perhaps it feels heavy, tight, resistant, or however your body “talks” to you.

Now take another deep breath and imagine getting the Sleep Now program. Notice how your body feels. YES feeling or No feeling? If it feels like a YES decision — then I’d say Go for it.


If it feels like a “no decision” to your body, or if you aren’t sure, pass on the program. The Universe loves you and will bring the right thing to you at the right time (this may be it, or not). If you’re a maybe, say no. Allow yourself the solid decision and notice what that feels like. You can change your mind if the “no” gives you new insights. And you can stay a “no” if that’s the right choice for you.

You can make the decision however you like, of course. But listening to my body has given me the truest and clearest guidance I know how to receive.

I hope this helps!

Warm wishes

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